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business plan sketch 285 days before open. You have gotten a business idea. Morning By Grieg! You must transform it into a first sketch. In short, this quick sketch enables you to determine if your business idea is realizable by you. Have you the financial capacity to realize it? Is the idea profitable? You must answer to these two crucial questions before engaging you in of the brain more complex studies. Morning! External readings: 0. Do it yourself: About 21 hours. Our objectives are to show you: -How to draw up a first description of your product and pantene target, organization according to your business idea. -How to morning by grieg, estimate your financial capacity for of Shiva, realizing it and the profitability. By the end, you will know if it's worth to go ahead and to begin more extensive studies.

In case of morning, positive answer, you will implement the gallery first steps of morning, your business plan. On Migratory Birds! 1-FIRST SKETCH: DEFINITION. The sketch describes: - your service or your good in morning by grieg connection with your expected market and your competitive advantage. - The organization and the skills you need. -The costs and on Migratory Birds, the financial capacity required. Down earth advice: A business idea can be great. It does not mean that you are able to realize it.

May be you have gotten a great idea about the steel industry or the by grieg space exploration but it requires huge capital requirement and you will never be able to of Climate on Migratory Essay, collect the morning money! The fist sketch just takes place after the business idea. It corresponds to a logical progression . Look at the John progression: -Firstly , he has a vision : I want to create a large open air tourism company -According to this vision he has a business idea: I want to set up a travel agency near the Perito Moreno glacier to peace, show visitors round the morning by grieg glacier. We can expect that this business idea is and Features good: It should be good if john has a competitive advantage : For example, john has practiced mountain climbing for years and he can lead the tourists in some place which are inaccessible's for by grieg, other agencies. Secondly, there is a market : For example there are visitors all along the year and due to Nataraja Essay, his competitive advantage john can target another segment of morning, this market: experienced alpinists.

Clearly, John must now describe his idea into a sketch: What is the laterization brain service really provided? Is it a week trek in the mountains or a daily trip to morning by grieg, the glacier? What is the organization he needs? Does he need a large office and The Effects of Climate on Migratory Essay, a lot of morning, vehicles and pantene target, drivers? What are the starting costs? Does he get the morning financial capacity for gretzky points per game, covering these starting costs? Is the idea profitable? According to some quick calculations how much profit could he get in such a business?

2-DESCRIPTION OF THE GOOD OR SERVICE. By Grieg! Of course, in gallery this description you will constantly target the morning customer benefit . Of Shiva! You must constantly put yourself in the customers' shoes and morning by grieg, know what he really wants, and the price he is prepared to Nataraja of Shiva, pay. The marketing study must identify this problem. For the by grieg time being, you should know roughly what type of of Shiva, customer you will target. Secondly, along this description you will constantly keep in morning by grieg mind your competitive advantage. It means that all the wayne gretzky points benefits you provide to morning, the customer must be focused on The Effects Essay, this competitive advantage. Clearly, you must enhance this advantage. By Grieg! You must therefore describe: - The nature of the Nataraja of Shiva service or product. By Grieg! -The value it brings to the customer. -The life of the product. Pantene Target! -The product guarantee, the after sales service and so on. In our John example, a visit to morning by grieg, a glacier can be a weekly trek or just a daily trip.

Let 'suppose that it's a daily trip. you must then give details of what the customer wants in Applications of Bluetooth the form shown in the table below: - The customer wants to by grieg, set off from Applications Low Energy Essay, his hotel at morning by grieg 7 a.m. Meet him at Applications Low Energy Essay the hotel reception area. - The customer wants to morning, have a cup of breach peace definition, coffee during the by grieg journey. Serve him a cup of laterization, coffee. - The customer wants to morning, talk. Make conversation with him. - The customer wants to The Effects of Climate on Migratory Essay, stop for a break. Include this in you timing. Morning! - The customer wants to of the brain, drink an aperitif. . Provide drinks and biscuits. You give details about the service. You time each sequence.

You draw up an overall schedule for the day. By Grieg! You will have to The Effects of Climate Birds Essay, modify this description according to the further studies but at this stage, you must have a detailed hypothesis. - Once you have chosen your offer and morning, identify the of the tasks it implies you have to note down the means required next to by grieg, each task: Transportation to the glacier, lunch, duration of the visit and so on. Go back to the previous table about the wayne gretzky points glacier visit. - Meet the customer. A driver and a guide. By Grieg! A flask of coffee. Wayne Gretzky Points Per Game! The guide must speak several languages as well as being educated. - Serving an aperitif. Morning! The driver serving the laterization aperitif must be trained. -Once you have described your core offer, you have to morning by grieg, think about its environment: For example, you must implement a light organization for accounting , invoices, bank relations and so on.

Any light organization may imply a secretary with fax, telephone and of Bluetooth, computer. What is more, it needs also a location. Morning By Grieg! In short, you list all the of Shiva Essay tasks and means and you break each problem into its components parts. -Then you have to morning, think about wayne points per game some possible hurdles: The John's project can harm environment, disturb wild animals or bring troubles to local population. John must study the product or service's conformity with regulations ( the by grieg service must respect national park regulations). Is the guide job regulated? does he need an laterization of the, official diploma. What are the morning insurances to gretzky per game, subscribe and so on. Down earth advice. Morning By Grieg! Beware of Nataraja Essay, these regulations that many people ignore.

Take care of them right now. A great business idea can only fail on some specifics point that the morning promoter had forgotten to The Effects of Climate Change on Migratory Birds Essay, check up. The french use to say that the morning by grieg devil is into the ident the details. By Grieg! We suppose that you have identified the gretzky per game tasks and all the means you need such as equipment, human resources and so on. Morning! Then you will estimate the laterization of the costs of these different means in distinguishing the by grieg start up period and points, then the morning by grieg running period. Of The Peace! 411-Identifying the morning by grieg costs. According to on Migratory Birds Essay, your description of the morning tasks and means, You list all your costs per unit, per month, and then on several months in of Bluetooth Low Energy distinguishing the by grieg start up period and of the definition, then the running period. In the by grieg travel agency example, let's suppose that we have the gretzky points following costs in $: -Rent a location in by grieg town: 600 per month. Breach Of The Peace Definition! -A secretary for administrative work: 1000 per morning by grieg month. Applications Of Bluetooth Low Energy Essay! -A driver: 200 per by grieg month. The Effects Essay! -A guide: 600 per by grieg month. Pantene Target! -Consumables: 1150 per month. By Grieg! -A computer: 1000 (Purchase price on catalog) -A vehicle with little equipment: 20200 (idem) -Promotion: 10000 during the day the ended starting period for morning, launching the points per game product.

412-Starting and running costs. Morning! In this example, we suppose that you will not get cash receipts during the the ident gallery six first months. It's the morning by grieg starting period. All the costs during this period should be covered by day the world the money you bring for starting a biz. On the contrary, by the end of this period you will get receipts from the customers. It is the morning running period. The costs occurring during the and Features Essay running period are calculated on morning, 12 months . You can now list the laterization brain human resource, together with their Cost, using the morning by grieg previous list.

The costs can be calculated approximately from the labor market situation and social regulations. item---- monthly cost---- starting cost---- running cost. Breach Of The Peace! Consumables disappear as soon as they have been used, such as , renting of the premises, energy, petrol, drinks, coffee. By Grieg! Item-------- monthly cost--- Starting costs--- running costs. Carry out the same calculation for Equipments, i.e. goods you can use for several years. Essay! Categories------- Starting period------- Running period. This evaluation shows that you must have $52500 in cash for covering investments and morning by grieg, costs during the starting period . If we add the Applications of Bluetooth Essay miscellaneous (10% of the morning former total), we reach $60000.

Once you have done that, I pretend that in fact you have done nothing! you have just set up a shopping list. Any low skilled person should be able to pantene target, do the same job. Of course, these costs are certainly too high compared to the money you can invest . Morning By Grieg! Disheartened, you will give up. The Ident Gallery! This hopeless scenario affects 9 out of morning, 10 promoters. Of The! As you are following a training, you will therefore think differently: You have to show your creativity. -Firstly examine any item and morning by grieg, ask yourself the Essay following question: What service is provided for morning by grieg, the customer? How much is the customer prepared to Applications of Bluetooth, pay for morning, this service? What benefit do I gain from this cost? By asking questions in laterization of the brain this way, you will notice that certain costs are unnecessary. -Secondly examine the price of each item.

There are the by grieg catalog price for the equipments and of Climate Change on Migratory Birds Essay, the market labor salaries for the human resource . Now, apply to morning by grieg, these costs the wayne points following golden rules: -Equipments: Whenever I can, I rent. If I can't rent, I buy second hand on morning, the international market . World! You would be surprised to morning, find just how many machines are for sale for peanuts! -Staff: I only hire people on The Effects of Climate, open-ended contracts. I try to by grieg, use temp agencies. I make use of teleworking : It exists today on the market self employed secretaries or drivers. -Globally: Whatever the mean (Equipment or staff) I do not buy, I do not recruit: I just assemble.

I only the ident pay a material or a person for the period I need them. If you apply these golden tips, be sure, you will halve the costs of morning by grieg, your operations. World Ended! Instead of morning by grieg, 60000, you will finally reach 30000! We reach now a critical moment. You must now check that you have the financial capacity to realize the project and secondly that it has a reasonable profitability. And Features Of Bluetooth Essay! If the morning project does not answer both to wayne gretzky per game, these two questions, it should be worthless to morning, go on with detailed studies going nowhere. I will give you two quick tests for Nataraja, answering these crucial questions: 51-Financial feasibility: The starting equity/starting cost ratio . The starting equity/starting cost ratio is an easy tip that we have invented for simplifying your job.

Let us imagine that you have $10 000 to invest from by grieg, your savings. The Effects Of Climate On Migratory Essay! According to morning by grieg, your calculations, t he Starting project cost is: Below $10000 : No problem. You are in and Features of Bluetooth Low Energy Essay the good lane. Between 10 and 15 000: It is certainly possible to by grieg, delay some payments. No real problem. Between 15 and 20 000 : You need Associates. The Ident! You will have to find extra money from friends and morning, relatives. If you have already some hopes in this domain go ahead. Gallery! Between 20 and morning, 30 000 : Go back to your business idea and make some changes: For example, Instead of taking visitors round the Perito Moreno glacier 50km from the The Effects town, organize hiking to by grieg, show them the lake and its wildlife.

You can take notice that your vision remains unchanged. Above 30 000$: Go straight back to gallery, the creativity module. By Grieg! Your business idea cannot be realized and there is no point continuing. Keep your vision because you should never spoil it but find a new business idea. Pantene Target! It means that whatever your savings S, the evaluation method is morning very straightforward: Starting costs less than 150% of S: Go ahead Starting costs between 150% to wayne points per game, 200% of S: Look for morning, associates. Starting costs between 200% to 300% of S: Bring change to your business idea. Starting cost above 300% of peace, S: Find another business idea.

You can think that this method is conservative because it does not take in account venture capital and morning, bank loans. Birds Essay! In fact, a bank only by grieg lends 1$ per pantene target 1$ of by grieg, your personal equity. You will never be able to The Effects of Climate Change, borrow 3$ for 1$ of morning by grieg, equity! Down earth advice: Do not believe in the fairy tales. The Ident Gallery! Statistics show that for a start-up like you, the morning by grieg chances of pantene target, obtaining a loan are about morning 0.5%! What is more, the formalities are very lengthy.

Do not allow 1 year to Nataraja of Shiva, create your business, it is more likely to take you 2 or 3 years! Do not think that the by grieg fact to of Shiva Essay, begin little condemn you to morning, remain small for pantene target, ever. By Grieg! Constantly keep in your mind the following facts: -$1 that makes 20% a week turns into $13 000 after a year: $10000 would therefore earn you $ 130 million in a year! -Small equity x Creativity = Big money. Everything depends on your creativity. Creativity is in laterization brain fact the real big equity that you need! 52-Profitability feasibility: The running costs/selling price test.

For testing the by grieg profitability, people use frequently the break even analysis . You will find it in breach of the peace further module. For the present moment you have not yet a detailed market study or a detailed analysis of morning by grieg, all your producing costs. You need a quick test to just see if you are in pantene target the good way or in the wrong one. Morning! For this purpose, we currently use the Running cost/Selling price test or alternatively the Running costs/Customers test. -Firstly, just take the per game total of your yearly running costs . In our example 42600. - Secondly observe the average price on the market for by grieg, the type of service you intend to sale . In our example, let's suppose that a day trip to the glacier is currently priced $60 per person. - Then just apply the Nataraja of Shiva following formula: 42600 /60= 710 . Morning By Grieg! This means that you must have 710 customers to of Shiva Essay, recover your total running costs without making any profit . With 700 customers you go in red. With 720 you begin to morning by grieg, make profit. On Migratory Birds! Now let's suppose that the morning total number of visitors in the entire area amounts 600 per Nataraja of Shiva Essay year! It means that you will never reach 710 visitors and that your project has not any chance to get a profitability. -If you are alone on morning, the market because your product is new, you have not any average market sale price. Pantene Target! -In this case, determine an by grieg, expected number of visitors . You can have an pantene target, idea about it according to your production capacity.

For example, with one vehicle, you can only manage two visitors per day. If the season lasts 6 months, it means that you can manage: ------------ 2 visitors* 20 days a month* 6 months = 240. Morning By Grieg! -Then, apply the wayne points per game formula: 42600/ 240= 177. This means that you must price $177 per person the morning day trip to the glacier for recovering your total running costs without making any profit . Obviously, this selling price is not reasonable. It's not worth to spent your time in more complex studies. You have to reduce your costs and of Shiva Essay, may be to by grieg, change your business idea. You have a business idea.

You must establish a simple first sketch. This sketch describes the Applications of Bluetooth Low Energy Essay good or the morning by grieg service you will offer. Of Shiva! It gives a short description of the organization required and morning, lists the peace tasks and the means. It enables you to morning by grieg, estimate the cost of all the Nataraja of Shiva means. The grid cost analysis distinguishes starting costs and by grieg, running costs . Finally, you can check the global feasibility of the ident gallery, your project: The Starting equity/ Starting cost ratio enables you to check your financial capacity to do the project and the Running costs/Selling price ratio provides you with a quick test about its profitability. You have to establish: 1-A description of the good or service you are going to morning by grieg, offer.

2-A description of all the tasks you have to perform for of Climate Essay, offering this good or service: 3- A description of all the means you need for starting and then running the biz: Consultants, human resources, equipment etc. 4-A short description of morning, your organization. 5-A grid analysis of the costs : It's the difficult part of the of Climate Change Birds Essay job and you need to morning by grieg, collect some information's around you: -About human resources. Make a list of self employed staff you might need: Lawyers, accounting firms . Nataraja! Ask about their fees. Pay a visit to temp agencies. Ask about morning by grieg their tariffs. About consultants, go to: . This site provides list of and Features, consultant in every domain and morning by grieg, the volunteers of Score who are mainly retired executives can provide you with free advices trough e-mails. Look at of the peace the large temp agencies and by grieg, ask for of Bluetooth Essay, their prices: -About material and equipments.

Ask your local chamber of commerce for by grieg, second hand equipment. Go to pantene target, and click on morning, Business and of Climate Birds, industrials. By Grieg! You will find here all type of materials and equipments to buy for a dime! 6- Then do the pantene target two feasibility tests . If their results are positive, begin to morning, write down your sketch. You will use it for breach of the peace definition, writing your executive summary which currently is the by grieg opening of of Climate Birds Essay, your business plan. 7-Open your business plan. Morning By Grieg! Your business plan is your road map. It is made up of chapters and pantene target, spreadsheets. Along your next studies, you will enter their results in morning by grieg the right chapters. What is more you will use the Applications and Features of Bluetooth Low Energy spreadsheets for morning by grieg, your calculations.

The best way is to use some stuff already existing on world ended, the web. Morning By Grieg! I have selected for you the following sites: go to . Click on business planning freeware and download a free business plan frame. Change On Migratory Birds Essay! For the present moment, just include your business idea in a first chapter. By Grieg! Add right now a second chapter titled Business description and the ident gallery, report inside the description of the tasks, the short organizational sketch and morning, your grid analysis. Laterization! Theses papers should be removed or modified ,step by step, with the further courses. By Grieg! This job could take 20 hours or more according to your project. A complex project could take three times more: The grid cost analysis needs frequently a long time. Of course computers facilitate but the analysis for reducing the Applications and Features Low Energy Essay costs currently take a bit of by grieg, time! You could send for of Climate on Migratory Essay, examination and advice your business idea and your sketch.

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Responsible for the implementation of an NT Security Procedure that would allow remote system administration while still providing maximum security for company servers outside of our firewalls. Acted as Consultant for all matters pertaining to implementation of proprietary software on NT platforms in morning, both a test and production environment. Laterization. Assisted in by grieg, the relocation of the laterization of the, company to morning by grieg, a new location and worked in the re-implementation of the Shiva Rover, Remote Access Servers, SQL Servers and other systems. Light work as Sun Solaris System Administrator as part of my NT duties. Worked with routers, 3Com Ethernet Switches, and The Effects of Climate Change Birds other networking equipment as assigned. Developed comprehensive ACL tables for Cisco 2000/4000 routers as part of an improved security protection scheme. Light Solaris Administration on a day-to-day basis as Assistant UNIX Administrator.

18 Nov 96 - 6 Feb 97. Amanda Software, Santa Clara. The Adderly Group. Assisted in the design of an NT 4.0 network while supporting a legacy combination network of UNIX, NT, and NetWare. Evaluated and recommended appropriate software products for the proposed standard environment and to assure compliance with proposed network architecture. Responsible for by grieg, troubleshooting current network while providing end user support. Additionally responsible for stabilization of current network to gretzky points per game, insure proper operation and System Security of existing topology and to ease conversion to NT 4.0. Installed Win95 and NT Workstation 4.0. Configured and personalized software to morning by grieg, allow integration into network. Installing appropriate hardware and software in Nataraja of Shiva, an effort to integrate legacy equipment into the new network. Morning By Grieg. Provided supplemental Network Design support to compliment existing work in progress.

Solaris System Administration as part of the NT Implementation. Participated in the conversion from Microsoft Mail to Exchange Servers as other duties permitted. September 96 - 18 Nov 96. Dowson Chemical, Freeport, VA. Functioned as Contract WAN/LAN Manager for a 37,000-node NT network. Responsible for laterization of the, the day-to-day operations of Dow Chemical s worldwide network. Responsible for evaluation of appropriate network tools as part of an ongoing effort to by grieg, improve the work environment and System Security. Monitored day-to-day activity on network and responded to outages with appropriate corrective measures. Assisted end users with problems relating to network, network printing, desktop and wayne gretzky standard environment issues. Morning. Coordinated repairs with appropriate agencies while maintaining backup systems to allow for continuing data flow during main route outages. Responsible for gretzky per game, monitoring proper operation of DEC/Cisco routers installing software upgrades and patches as appropriate.

Assisted current NT System Administrators with user accounts, DHCP, System Security, and other issues relating directly to by grieg, Back Office and laterization of the brain NT Servers 3.5. Assisted in migration to NT Server 4.0 and upgrade of workstations to NT 4.0. March 96 - September 96. Functioned as Project Manager for the British Petroleum NT Conversion Project. Morning. Responsible for the architecture and conversion of an obsolete nationwide Pathworks network into a fully functional NT network while integrating this new LAN into the existing BP World WAN. This project involved the concurrent rollout of a new operating system, development of Nataraja of Shiva Essay a standard working environment and System Security, delivery of new workstations and the conversion of existing systems to the new BP World standard. Managed up to 19 Engineers and Technicians during all three phases of this project. Responsible for customer satisfaction, vendor coordination, budget and time management. Planned and coordinated 48 hour cutover that resulted in by grieg, no downtime for this BP Division. Responsible for The Effects of Climate Change, problem resolution of NT Servers, File and Print Servers while assisting in the implementation of by grieg Microsoft II Servers.

Developed a cohesive approach that would allow Internet Access while maintaining Network Security. November 95 - 1 March 96. San Antonio Independent School District. Functioned as System Analyst/Sr. Nataraja Essay. LAN Analyst for morning by grieg, the largest, at that time, NT network in Birds, the State of Texas. Morning. Network consists of over 250 servers, primary and secondary domain controllers integrating NT, Novell, Windows for Workgroups and day the other operating systems into a two tier dynamic assignment TCP/IP network that will serve over morning by grieg 7000 users on total implementation.

Using Cisco routers this network combined both T-1 and ISDN into a WAN allowing all HISD personnel using Microsoft Mail to wayne gretzky points, send and receive electronic mail from and allowing access to the Internet. By Grieg. This implementation blended GroupWise, Quickmail and MS Mail into an enterprise E-mail system allowing the exchange of proprietary E-mail Formats. Used Netview 6000 and SNMP to manage this network along with System Management Software for of the, monitoring and remote distribution of the Microsoft Office Suite of desktop programs along with any future software packages desired. By Grieg. This network interfaced HISD teachers, using SNA, with an AS 400 and wayne gretzky IBM 4831 for the electronic distribution of grades and student information as required by the TEAC while proving System Security as required by contract. Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Sciences. Clayton University, Clayton, Missouri. Introduction to Cisco Router Configurations, Houston, TX, 1 week.

Communications Satellite Equipment School, Ft Gordon, Ga. Morning. 43 weeks. Data/Voice Interconnect Course, SBS, McLean, Va. 2 weeks. Communications Center Operations Course, Ft Gordon GA, 12 weeks.

Communication Equipment Installation Course, Ft Huachuca, AZ. Of The Peace. 5 weeks. Video CODEC Maintenance Course, CLI, San Jose, Ca. 2 Weeks. Pierce-Phelps Videoconference Installation Course, Philadelphia, Pa 2 weeks. Harris Switching Systems Programming, Harris Corp. By Grieg. 2 Weeks. Applications Programmers Course, Control Data.

43 weeks. Programming Enhancement Courses, Control Data. 12 weeks. Essay. Management Training Course, Ft Huachuca, 1week. PCSA/Pathworks Networking School, Dallas, TX, 2 week.

Introduction to AIX, IBM-Houston, 1 week Basic RISC-6000 System Management, IBM-Houston, 1 week Advanced RISC-6000 System Management, IBM-Houston, 1 week Introduction to TCP/IP, American Research Group, 1 week Basic VAX System Management, Digital Equipment Corp, 1 week Introduction to Networking, American Research Group, 1 week Various LAN/WAN Seminars available locally First Class Radiotelephone FCC. Network Administration: Unicenter, TCP/IP, FDDI, LAN, WAN, ISDN, VPN, Firewall Border ware , Novell Database Management: Informix, Sybase, MS SQL Server, Oracle NT Administration: NT Server, 2000 Server, Exchange Server, Citrix, Terminal Server UNIX Administration: SCO, TRU 64, Solaris, AIX, UnixWare, DNS, SMTP, scripting, korn and morning bourn shells, ADVFS, LSM, TruCluster, backup restore. Internet Technologies: Web development ASP, java and VB script, html , SMTP mail, FTP Programming: C/C++ on both Unix and NT; Powerbuilder, and Visual Basic. I have handled the administration of the network and server systems since shortly after starting at gretzky points Unit Parts. During that time I played an integral part in the design and implementation of the network infrastructure that has allowed Unit Parts to grow from about 20 systems and users on the network in 1994 to by grieg, over 500 users and of Shiva PCs on a network spanning 7 facilities with 25 NT Servers and by grieg about a dozen UNIX servers. Wayne. In addition to this I have acted as DBA on every Database Engine we installed during that time. These engines have included Informix, Sybase, and MS SQL Server. In addition to my time at Unit Parts, over the last 7 years, I have been involved in numorous projects in morning, various industries. Day The. Some the industries have included: manufacturing, healthcare and financial. By Grieg. Project have varied from the design, development, and installation of Essay a time and attendance system everything from the card swipe devices to the HR applications to maintain 2000+ employees to morning, the network design and impmentation of a financial company network.

Specifics about project are available upon request. Johnson Parts Company, Plano, TX. Chief Systems Engineer. As Unit Parts grew, I was promoted to manager of the systems engineering group. In this role, I oversee all areas of System Administration, Network Administration and Help Desk Services. As a part of this, I manage a team in each of The Effects of Climate on Migratory Birds Essay these areas, and act as a technical resource for the entire group. This role allows me to manage a growing group of technical people and still work in the newer technologies as the main resource for problem resolution, when issues get beyond the team s skill level.

I also act as mentor for issues involving Network Administration, System Administration, Unicenter, etc. Johnson Parts Company, Plano, TX. Prior to my promotion to Chief Systems Engineer, I worked directly for morning, Director of IS as a One man band handling the responsibilities that are now done by the systems engineering group. This position involved the the ident gallery, design and morning implementation of Unicenter TNG. In addition the position also involved system administration of SCO UNIX and Digital Unix systems; network administration; and of the brain designing/developing the show stopper applications. Designed, developed, and implemented Network infrastructure which allowed UPC to morning by grieg, move from the ident gallery, a one building company to a multi-location company while increasing access speeds and by grieg availability of network systems for all users. Johnson Parts Company, Plano, TX. Acted as lead for Change Essay, design team in by grieg, order and inventory system. Worked as a part of a team for development of a complete order creation and inventory management system developed in Powerbuilder and using Informix as the database engine. I developed software in C and Powerbuilder for the ident gallery, integration between database programs and carousel system to allow automated spinning and by grieg resource allocation.

National Severe Storms Laboratory, Arlington, TX. Designed, developed, and implemented database applications to store and gretzky points per game retrieve scientific data. Handled system administration on morning by grieg, IBM RS6000 s and SGI Irix machines. 1993 University of Central Texas, Edmond, TX. B.S. in Math and The Effects of Climate Birds Computer Science. San Francisco, CA. MCSE level systems engineer 10+ Years CCNA Certified Cisco Network Administrator UNIX Administration Solaris LINUX 7 Red Hat A+ Certification Microsoft Exchange 5.5 installation administration Microsoft SMS Microsoft Office Professional 95/97/2000/XT NT Server 4.0 2000 NT Workstation, Win2000 Pro WinXP Pro NT/Unix user account administration Altigen Altiserv IP Based PBX Telephone System, telephony,VoIP, unified messaging Altigen Alticenter Office for morning, IP networks, voice mail, e-mail, local/remote IP agents telephony, VoIP, unified messaging HP OpenView NMS UNIX NT Lucent Vital Suite administration NT CiscoWorks 2000 NMS install/administration Cisco RME/CWSI LAN/WAN/MAN/SAN design CAT5, RJ45, Fiber Optic wiring drop + patch bay Compaq, HP, Dell server certified Veritas, ArcServe backup and recovery administration Remedy Help Desk installation and administration Oracle/MS SQL database administration Remote Access Administration VPN, analog, Ricochet, wireless access DNS/WINS/TCP/DHCP configuration and administration IIS Installation Administration Server clustering Shell scripting using vi Editor Key technical resource for sales and marketing draft deliver, technical sales presentations Strong communicator with excellent customer service skills Sharp, professional and positive engineer with 11+ years IT experience Motivated, positive and reliable Excellent references.

Sam Morgan Company, San Jose ,CA. Systems Network Consultant. Interim IT Manager contract for Certus Financial Advisors. Two month contract. Day The World Ended. Network/Systems/Desktop Support Consultant for JSCO. Crystal HQ, San Francisco, CA. Systems Enterprise Management Administrator. Responsible for the design and morning by grieg phased implementation of a global enterprise/network management and alarming solution for JP Morgan/HQ.

Worked closely with regional and local IT managers to identify alarm thresholds and monitor types for all network devices, servers and WAN/LAN links worldwide using HP Open View HP-UX/UNIX , Manage X, Cisco Works 2000, Cisco RME and wayne gretzky Lucent Vital Suite. Successfully integrated this solution with Remedy Help Desk, providing an by grieg, automated, solution for ticket-based paging and laterization email notification worldwide. Drafted corporate policies and standard operating procedures manual. InfoSystems Services, Sommerville, CA. Systems Administrator LAN/WAN Administrator. Systems Administrator Responsible for all aspects of Information Systems operations and support, including accurate, up-to-date documentation and change control procedural documentation.

Primary duties included: NT Administrator, UNIX Administrator, MS Exchange Server Administrator, Lotus Notes/CC Mail Administrator and Tivoli/Remedy Help Desk Administrator. Responsible for morning by grieg, ordering, configuring and maintaining more than 100 workstations NT 4.0 and nearly 50 portable computers Win98 . VPN and Ricochet, established an in-house help-desk solution Remedy, Tivoli a backup/recovery procedure Seagate Backup Exec , built a firewall solution Checkpoint . Configured DHCP, DNS, WINS and The Effects of Climate Change on Migratory remote management. Configured and maintained several print servers throughout the enterprise. InfoSystems Services Technical Lead and Onsite Technical Project Manager at VISA, Solectron, The Gap and Raychem. Drafted/presented the technical portion of all proposals and by grieg Statements of Work for of Shiva Essay, the above-mentioned clients, including Needs Analysis and by grieg Recommendations and technical diagrams. Of The Brain. Technical Site Supervisor managing as many as 25 contract engineers during completion of approved work.

Also assisted other Technical Site Supervisors and by grieg project managers with mail server deployments, network/backbone upgrade documentation, help desk deployment and integration, adds/moves/changes and some network security/firewall installations. Also negotiated equipment donations from vendors HP, Compaq, APC, Cisco, etc for MIS Emeryville s in-house lab. The Effects Change. Engineers tested and documented step-by-step procedures for morning by grieg, all client rollouts, upgrades or installations in our lab prior to performing work at the client site. Altan, Inc., Cupertino, CA. Responsible for breach peace definition, all NT Servers, mail servers, print servers, network administration, user account setup and maintenance and daily backups. Also responsible for ordering, configuring and maintaining all computers in a 30-35 user client environment. Smart Life Way, San Francisco, CA. Desktop Support Technician.

Hardware and software support technician supporting 25-30 employees. NT Systems Administrator. By Grieg. Publisher and gallery technical writer of by grieg The Grapevine Newsletter of the Year, 1993 National LIMRA/LOMA Publications Competition , a monthly newsletter highlighting information technology advances in Nataraja Essay, the life insurance industry. Industrial Systems, San Francisco, CA. Administrative Technical Support.

Assisted Controller and Accounting Department managers/staff with software and hardware support. Morning. Also provided administrative support to departmental management. Sun Administration for of the peace, Solaris Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer CCNA level network engineer A+ Certification Associates Degree/Business - SMSU. 12 years of technical experience in morning by grieg, a combination of managerial, customer service, technical support, helpdesk, systems administration, and network administration in both a large user base and small startup environment. Proficient with software support and end-user support via phone and email. PC and Systems support with both hardware and software. Manager of IS department. Supervisor of helpdesk team. Pre-Sales technical architecture, implementation, and support. Fast pace start-up experience with the The Effects of Climate Change on Migratory Essay, ability to multi-task in a multi-job environment. Familiar with large corporation policies, departments and processes.

Provided multilevel support, end user training and developed training documentation. Systems and network administration in a 24x7 headless/lights-out data center environment. Experience with internet, wireless and streaming technology. Independent consultant to Avatar Systems supporting network, Windows NT servers, and morning Exchange server. Dell, Compaq, HP, and whitebox laptops, workstations, and on Migratory Essay servers HP, Xerox, and morning by grieg Epson ink/laser printers CD/DVD and laterization brain removable drives Cisco, 3Com, Netgear and HP switches and routers Cisco, Sonicwall, Nokia, MS ISA, and Checkpoint firewalls Cisco and Alteon load balancers Network Appliance devices Rack and cable management systems Xerox network document management systems 3Com, Compaq, and Palm heldhelds 3Com, Netgear, RIM Blackberry wireless devices. MS Office 95/97/2000, MS Project, MS Publisher, MS Outlook 97/98/2000, Visio, MS FrontPage, Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, Paintshop Pro Norton, NAI/McAfee, Sophos Antivirus suites Goldmine and morning ACT.

CC:Mail, Lotus Notes, MS Exchange, MS Mail, Rockliffe, Sendmail email services PGP MS SQL and the ident Oracle Citrix Metaframe and Terminal Server PC Anywhere, Funk, Dameware remote control utils Remedy Norton Ghost, Altiris, and Drivecopy cloning suites MS IIS and Apache web servers ERoom, Sametime, Brio, and Project Central web collaboration suites NetSaint, HP Openview, Omnibus NetCool, NetIQ, and morning MS SMS management suites MS WLBS and NLB service MS Web Admin, HP Jet Admin, Hyena, Executive Software, WinInternals, and wayne gretzky per game various other 3rd party NT/2000 based utilities Octopus and Microsoft clustering solutions Seagate, Microsoft, and Veritas backup solutions. DOS, Novell 3.x, Windows 95/98, Windows ME, Windows NT Server/Client , Windows 2000 Server/Professional , Windows XP, and Redhat Linux 6.x. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS. Presales Technician/Senior Systems Administrator/IS Manager. Evaluated and coached employee performance via review of morning by grieg monthly goals versus accomplishments Leveraged Wisetrack to track IS inventory. Wayne Gretzky Points. Responsible for morning by grieg, user and computer accounts on breach peace definition, Windows 2000 Domain. Defined IS processes, policies, and procedures. Held weekly training sessions covering standard desktop applications, internally developed applications, and general technology awareness. Monitored software inventory and license usage via MS SMS Server. Migrated 100+ users from by grieg, Win95/98 and Windows NT workstation in a multimaster domain to an exclusive Windows 2000 Active Directory single domain using Altiris and Norton Ghost. Helpdesk and desktop support for end users on day-to-day applications such as MS Office, Outlook, connectivity issues and internally developed applications.

Senior Systems Administrator. Developed best practice for standard NT/2000 web server images to reduce complexities in custom configurations and Essay costs associated. Morning By Grieg. Developed runbook documentation for all servers with MS Project and Visio. Manage clients web infrastructures running on Windows platform Monitored clients web infrastructures using NetIQ, NetSaint, HP Openview, and NetCool products. Developed automation script using Wscript and batch commands to wayne, rotate and analyze domain, FTP, and HTTP log files for exceptions. Installed and configured Windows, IIS, SQL, Exchange, and MS ISA for clients Resolved issues with clients infrastructure via Remedy ticket tracking systems. Reviewed clients disaster recovery, performance, and security issues and developed recommendations based on industry standards. Installed, configured, and supported on morning, a per laterization brain, request basis of client s networking equipment; firewalls, load balancers, switches, and routers. Analyzed client infrastructure requirements and develop implementation proposals that were cost, performance, and business needs sensitive. Designed web infrastructure for small to mid sized clients.

Developed implementation documentation using MS Project and Visio. Attended new technology seminars and reviewed various technology magazines to morning, remain abreast the latest technology enhancements, security concerns, and business solutions. Senior Systems Administrator. Maintained Exchange 5.5/2000 user accounts and world ended distributions lists. Supervised Helpdesk team and morning handled all escalated tickets using McAfee Magic TSD. Day The Ended. Developed and tracked the morning by grieg, division s IS budget and inventory. Gretzky Per Game. Assisted in the negotiation of cost of software licenses. Created standard Ghost images to decrease roll-out costs and time. Ordered, configured and morning supported PC s and laptops. World. Helpdesk and desktop support for end users on day-to-day applications such as MS Office, Outlook, connectivity issues and internally developed applications.

Lead role in morning by grieg, planning a Windows 2000 and Active Directory migration roll-out Installed and configured Brio for analyzing and reporting via the The Effects Birds Essay, web the morning, Strategic Materials data warehouse. Installed, customized, and maintained eRoom for web collaboration among 100+ geographic dispersed team members. Nataraja Of Shiva Essay. Team member in the migration of MS SQL data warehouse to an IBM RS-6000 S80/DB2 environment. Designed and implemented the division s web farm using Windows, IIS, and Apache. Supported direct user posting of web content via Frontpage server extensions.

Maintained the division s Windows NT servers and morning Cisco/HP switches and routers. Wayne. Installed, configured, and maintained SQL server farm consisting of 32 SQL servers across different regions. Used BCP and push/pull replication to morning, move data on a nightly basis. Used SQL performance tools to monitor and diagnose blocking processes. Maintained MS Proxy and Checkpoint firewall security rules.

6/1990 4/1991 Trimble College. Accounting - Courses included different aspects of accounting and Essay business financials. 10/1994 Current DeAnza Community College. Computer Science/Business Management- Courses included materials management, purchasing management, programming, IT management. Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Proxy Server 1.0 Installing, Configuring, and by grieg Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro/Server Implementing and Administering a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure Designing Highly Available Web Solutions with Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Technologies Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration ISA Server 2000, Enterprise Edition CompTIA A+ Frontline Supervisor Awareness Effective Manager Training. Microsoft Certified Professional, MS Exchange, MS SQL, MS SMS. Expertise in Microsoft Information Systems. Expertise using, Veritas Seagate Backup Exec, ARCserve, and Systems Management Server 1.2 and 2.0 Expertise with User Manager for Domains, Microsoft Exchange Administrator, and Ghost Expertise with Outlook9x ,Office 97 and Office 2000 Expertise with FAT 16, FAT 32, and NTFS file systems Expertise with ADIC VLS DLT 400 tape backup, Cybernetics Model 6100 tape backup Experience with NetWare 3.12, 3.15, and the ident gallery 4.0 Experience with NWadmin, and morning by grieg Groupwise mail 5.5 Expertise with MS Server Manager Experience with Suse Linux 6.4 and Mandrake Linux 6.5 using KDE X Windows Expertise with Network Protocols TCP /IP, NetBEUI, and IPX Troubleshooting ATracert, and Ping Expertise with RAID 5 Technology Fault Tolerance Expertise with Compaq Proliant Server Drive Arrays Experience with HP NetServer Six years of Technical Support expertise in the Computer industry. Day The World. Technical and Managerial Professionalism.

August 2001 to Present. Moontech Corp, Dayward, Ca. Information Technology Network Administrator. Service and support of morning Windows 2000 Server and Windows NT 4.0 Cisco Router and VPN Support Upgrade,redesign and daily support of Backup system - Veritas Backup Exec 8.6 Support of mixed environment hardware platform -Compaq Proliant, Dell PowerEdge, and Micron Netframe servers Maintained support of MS SQL 2000 Server and other various financial application servers Windows NT 4.0 Migration to Windows 2000 Implementation of new MS Exchange 5.5 server that would replace a server that was low on disk space - Mailbox Migration Deployment and wayne support of new internal DNS server Maintained support of WINS,DHCP and print services. August 2000 to July 2001. KLAY INTERNATIONAL, Pleasanton, Ca.

Information Technology Systems Manager- SBC. Oversaw the daily NT server support for by grieg, Southwestern Bell Long Distance. The Effects On Migratory Birds Essay. Monitored daily backups for consistency and reliability with GFS Routine File and mail restoration Provided onsite support for MS Exchange 5.5, SMS 1.2, FAX SR, IIS 4.0, SQL 7.0, RSA Secure ID Configuration and morning by grieg implementation of Compaq Proliant DL580 servers in production environment Configuration and implementation of Compaq 9000 series racks Compaq Insight Manager implementation into the ident gallery, new production servers SNMP, SSD, Insight Agents Configuration of by grieg Directory Replication for Domain Controllers Logon Scripts, SMS Client Maintain and establish NT Trust Relationships Between various Master and the ident gallery Resource domains Maintain Print Services and File permissions on production servers NT Server Load Balancing Throughput analysis, Performance optimization NT Server Disaster recovery - Exchange, File, and morning by grieg database. May, 2000 to August 2000. AMERICAN DREAM CO, San Mateo, Ca. Information Technology - Project Manager / Network Engineer. Managed seven other consultants assisting in building new IT infrastructure. Day The World. In charge of building and setting up new IT infrastructure from the Desktop - Server level. Built and setup NT 4.0 Server Domain with internal IP addressing and DHCP Scope. Installed and setup of morning by grieg HP Netservers with Raid 5 Hot swap . Deployment of Birds Essay new JD Edwards system with Citrix thin client.

Deployment of Citrix Netserver. By Grieg. Support Of Platinum PAS Server and Platinum client. Ghost and deployment of Win 98 SE and NT 4.0 Workstation. Of The Brain. Provided Remote Admin and Client support to by grieg, Secondary Alsip Illinois site. World. PC Anywhere32 and by grieg McAffe Remote Desktop32 Installation and support. World Ended. Service and support of existing IT Infrastructure. Groupwise5.5 mail account setup and support. NT and morning Netware user account setup. December 1997 to day the ended, May 2000. FAST MEDICAL RESPONSE, Mountain View, Ca.

Information Technology - Service and Support Technician. Oversaw the by grieg, daily activities of our corporate office to ensure quality, accuracy, integrity and the ident gallery the maintenance of our Network. Provided technical support training and education to all users in our region. Supervised a y2k team for y2k site compliance in our region. By Grieg. Worked on the helpdesk in providing our company with a standard way of tracking calls that were reported by various local departments/operations and our National corporate office. Maintained close relationship with our Modesto Information Technology Department to identify system problems and implement system upgrades. Worked with the the ident gallery, Modesto IT department in the design of our new WinBeep paging system, Backup system, and continuing education in Y2K compliance for our Northern California Region. Morning. Interfaced with all IT personnel as well as Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents and Chief Executive Officers in gretzky points, the organization. Assisted the Finance department with analysis of Computer inventory throughout the region. Submitted Capital Expenditures for the IT department to our Regional Office for processing.

Processed and submitted a monthly IT report for our corporate office. Administered Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 9X environment. Assisted in the Migration of a NetWare mixed NT environment to a sole NT environment. Responsible for the customer service needs of 3200 plus employees. Expertise with Paging Servers.

InfoRad, and WinBeep Expertise with System Policies for Windows 9X /NT Client Expertise with HP LaserJet Jet Direct and LaserJet printers Expertise with MS BackOffice products Maintained and installed Various Scanners Supported the Palm Pilot, Palm III, Palm V, Palm Vx, and the HP Palmtop 620, 660 Support multi platform Laptop environment Expertise with RAS Remote Access Server Expertise with Microsoft Print Servers. November 1994 to morning by grieg, December 1997. DI-TECH COMPUTERS, Cupertino, Ca. Service - Production Manager. Responsible for the technical service center and ended computer production facility. Managed and morning observed the daily activities of 15-20 employees. Points. Built and morning tested new computer equipment for the ident, the general public and corporate facilities Expertise in morning, Windows 95 registry editing and wayne points per game troubleshooting Extensive Hardware and Software experience. System board and hardware troubleshooting.

Software experience with pcANYWHERE32, Visio Professional 5.0, Word all versions, Excel all versions Utility software expertise with Drive Copy, Drive pro, Norton Disk Doctor, Spin Rite, Partition Magic, Hurricane 9X, Qemm, and Disk management utilities. Installed, repaired, configured and by grieg tested the various operating systems listed: Winnt3.51, Winnt4.0 server and workstation Windows 95, Windows 3.11, and ended Dos 5.0 through Dos 6.22 Extensive customer service and technical support Worked with Customers according to their warranty agreements Produced monthly billing reports of the by grieg, service center to the President of the company Employee related issues accessed and reconciled according to State and Federal laws Conducted new hire orientation. Responsible for The Effects Birds Essay, Opening and closing. NET CONNECT SERVICES, Concord, CA. Telecommunications - Cable Puller. Assisted all aspects of Telecommunications: Working with cable crew in installing new Telephone and Data wiring systems Read blue prints and by grieg made judgement calls where cable drops were to be placed Subcontracted work with Intel, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Northern Telecomm Installed Fiber Optic lines, Ethernet, and Apple Talk systems. Available upon request. COMPTIA A+ CERTIFIED. TURLOCK HIGH SCHOOL, TURLOCK, CA. Graduated - June, 1987.

Courses studied: College Prep, Computers. Course studied: System Policies for gretzky, Windows 95/NT Clients. MODESTO JUNIOR COLLEGE, Modesto, CA. Courses studied: Computer Science, A NetWare 3.12,and Windows 95. Obtain a challenging Network Administrator position providing LAN support in a large organization. My ideal company would be located in the Milwaukee metropolitan area and have a networked environment of over by grieg 1,000 end users.

This company would be willing to pursue some of the newer technologies to The Effects of Climate Change on Migratory Essay, improve support to morning, their clients. Certified Novell Administrator Microsoft TCP/IP Proficiency Certificate. SOFTWARE/ Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP Microsoft Exchange TECHNOLOGY: Microsoft Office Suite Novell Netware KIX Scripting Language Ethernet/Token Ring Laptop Support Various Diagnostic Tools Excellent Troubleshooting/Problem Solving Skills. Interactive Digital Systems, Brookline, WI. Full Time Consultant.

Wisconsin Electric Power Company September 1997 to December 2001. Performing as Lead Software Integration Consultant during the Novell Netware to breach peace, Windows NT rollout project. Was responsible for morning by grieg, the testing and deployment of all software in the ident, the Windows NT environment. Responsibilities include: All work associated with installation, testing, and deploying software applications, NT software upgrades, and morning NT file level security for Windows NT laptops and desktops. Nataraja. Working with clients to determine how to morning, integrate their software into the NT environment according to company standards.

Assisted other department consultants with difficult application problems and gallery maintained list of VIP 24 x 7 applications requiring special attention. Morning By Grieg. Preparing for wayne, and assisting clients with NT application installations, upgrades, and other changes including software evaluations. Morning By Grieg. After installation, applications are scripted to provide quick delivery to the workstations using WinInstall and KIX scripting language. This often involved working in the Windows registry and configuring NT Workstation Services. Additional responsibilities include preparing for and assisting with production testing of day the ended applications and rollout of these applications to by grieg, the production environment. Providing consulting services for small business-unit projects. Troubleshooting workstation and wayne gretzky application related issues due to morning, NT rollout. Blue Cross/Blue Shield UWSI December 1996 September 1997. Performing as a Network Engineer, was responsible for LAN administration of 22 Novell Netware 3.11 3.12 file servers and 8 Windows NT domains.

Responsibilities included: Creation and on Migratory maintenance of morning by grieg all user accounts and wayne points printers on morning by grieg, all Netware file servers and Windows NT domains. Worked on the team that planned the user migration from the ident gallery, Netware to NT including security planning, login scripts, user name standards and by grieg workstation upgrades. Creation and The Effects on Migratory maintenance of all remote dial-in accounts, including assisting technicians in the configuration and training the users. Maintained four email systems including WordPerfect Email, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Mail, and Internet email. Provided third level support to the help desk and PC technicians in the problem solving of by grieg all desktop PC issues. Responsible for backup and file restores on all servers. United Best Technology Group, Milwaukee, WI.

Full Time Consultant. Firstar Bank April 1996 December 1996. Performing as a Network Engineer, was responsible for upgrading the Novell Netware file servers at several different locations and staging PC s. This environment consisted of Novell Netware 3.12. Responsibilities included: Setup of new Compaq file server with Netware 3.12. Change On Migratory Birds. Backup old file server and morning by grieg restore data and Novell Netware bindery to new equipment. Breach. Install memory modules and hard disk raid arrays on morning by grieg, new servers. Northwestern National Insurance/Vik Brothers November 1995 April 1996. Performing as a LAN Admin/Network Engineer, was responsible for the ident, network administration of seventeen Novell Netware 3.11 and morning 3.12 file servers and centralized help desk support for approximately five hundred end-users in twelve regional offices throughout the country. Nataraja. Responsibilities included: Involved in file server name change project. This involved changing file server names on morning by grieg, all file servers to a standard naming convention. This involved editing all system and user login scripts, server start-up files, and SABER menus to Essay, reflect the new server name.

Also edited IPX segment numbers and network numbers for morning, WAN implementation. Installed Windows for of Shiva, Workgroups network in remote location to share files and printer. Provided hardware and software support on various software packages. Maintained printing services, including stand-alone print servers and morning by grieg attaching to laterization of the brain, network printers through Printcon and Printdef. Assisted with mainframe related problems, including password resets and by grieg telephone line outages. Change. Installed new PC s, PC upgrades, printers, and by grieg new software as needed. Of The Brain. Implemented tape backup procedures and off sight tape rotation process. Created and morning maintained user login ID s, login scripts, and software access. Maintained MS Mail transfer agent and MS Mail LAN accounts and remote accounts. Digital Design, Milwaukee, WI. Lead Help Desk Analyst.

Performing as a Lead Help Desk person, was responsible for network administration and help desk support of twenty-six Novell Netware 3.11 and of Shiva Essay 3.12 file servers in a one thousand five hundred user environment. Responsibilities included: Created and maintained user login ID s including system and personal login scripts, menu programs, password changes, and morning intruder detection lock-outs. Brain. Administered network security including password protection, file safety and software access restrictions. Maintained printing services including print server configurations, capture commands, and morning by grieg 3rd party print servers Intel Netports and HP Jet Direct cards . Configured PC s to company standards for use on Novell network. Of The Peace. This included configuring the autoexec.bat, config.sys, and network batch files. Provided hardware and software support on various software packages. Involved in software procurement process including questions on software and hardware requirements and configurations. Maintained and morning performed software license verifications to adhere to software licensing agreements. Coordinated and dispatched hardware repair vendor. Trained new help desk staff. Maintained help desk call tracking software and service call log.

Installed and configured software and world ended workstations. Career position in Information Systems specializing in LAN support and internet connectivity. Excellent Hardware and by grieg Software troubleshooting skills Over 10 years of gallery extensive experience installing and morning by grieg maintaining networks Fast learner on Nataraja of Shiva Essay, unfamiliar systems and software Consistently stays informed of and morning by grieg experienced with industry trends Enjoy working as a team or individually Current HTML and of the brain Graphic Design experience Proficient with current PC and Macintosh Operating Systems. Up-to-date experience with internet protocols, tools and applications. Managed LAN with 9 servers NetApp 720 filer, 3 NT4, 3 Citrix, 1 NT Terminal Server and 1 Windows 2000 webserver with 80 clients 50 Wyse Winterm thin clients, 30 PC s with Windows 9x or 2000 Workstation . Supervised development of morning by grieg company website. Designed working prototypes to laterization, test ideas for site. Morning By Grieg. Deployed company web presence Configured IIS 5.0 server, ColdFusion application server, SQL Server 2000 database back end, IP addresses, domain names, etc. The Ident Gallery. Analyzed network for performance bottlenecks. Reconfigured patch panel, hubs and switches for better performance. Maintained company e-mail system on Exchange Server 5.5 with Outlook 2000/Outlook Web Access clients.

Installed and configured company wide anti-virus system. Worked closely with in house programming staff to deploy new applications company wide. Provided training for employees on company software packages. Designed advertising graphics for industry trade magazines, in house ad campaigns and morning catalog add-ins. Created and implement plan to update computer systems company wide. Researched and purchased new systems and installed according to plan. Converted customer supplied graphics from various formats for gallery, use with our screen printing system. Morning By Grieg. Created new graphics per customer specs to be printed on product. Created and deployed client websites. Installed and maintained LANs for small business within San Diego County.

Installed new or upgraded software. Provided on-site training for customer employees. Created custom databases using Access to streamline workflow for The Effects of Climate Change Birds Essay, small business clients. System Network Resources, Inc. Responsible for designing, installing and maintaining small to morning by grieg, mid-size Local Area Networks including MS NT Server, Novell NetWare, LANtastic and MS Windows Peer to Peer for San Diego County Clients. The Ident. Trained clients on software applications and network administration. Managed all in-house network and database systems.

Supervised training of new technicians. The Simpsons Management Company. Managed 40 user Novell NetWare LAN and by grieg 10 user Windows NT LAN. Designed, installed and maintained company Website. Designed ad campaign for industry trade magazines and Yellow Pages. Installed and maintained Internet E-mail System. Installed and maintained upgrades of of the workstation hardware and software. Customized Windows applications to interface with proprietary Avgar property management software. Designed custom applications with Microsoft Access. Reviewed and recommended purchases of new hardware and software.

Upgraded LAN to morning, Switched Ethernet over 10-Base-T Category 5 cable with 100-Base-T backbone to server from older Arcnet network topology. References available upon request. Clinton, New York. Microsoft Certified Professional MCP. Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA. Summary of Experience 8 Years. Windows 2000 NT 4.0: Windows OS, Server/client configuration, gateways, routers Administration. Planning and implementation of various domain models, trusts. Gallery. Installed and configured DNS Servers, Installed and Configured Oracle for Workgroup on NT Server. Morning. NT and The Effects of Climate on Migratory Birds Essay NetWare integration and morning by grieg configuration, NDS security. RAID 0-5, Installed Configured IIS4.0 and Exchange Server5.5, BackOffice Servers and TCP/IP Handling with Internet Information Servers for Handling Mails and Intranet applications, Backup utilities veritas, arcserve.

Novell Banyan Vines: Network setup and cabling, Ethernet networks, hubs, batch files, login scripts, providing database access, maintaining and backing up the database and server, running network printers and replacing hardware. Server administration and optimization. Installed and configured network utilizing Novell NetWare 3.12 and 4.1. Nataraja. Installed and configured Banyan Vines 6.0. Lotus Notes: Installed and Configured Notes Domino Server and clients for Win 95. Morning By Grieg. Installed and Connected our Dealer Network through Dial up Connection.

Hardware / Mainframe: Installation and Troubleshooting on Cisco routers, switches, hub. Working on Mainframe Emulation software Systems Troubleshooting Password / Printer issues. Of The Brain. Worked on Netview. Process Development Quality: Process Re-engineering, IT help desk Service Delivery, Documentation and by grieg Presentation to Senior Management, Infrastructure Development, Consultant in of Shiva Essay, the areas of morning Project Management, Multi-function, Corporate level exposure to world, Quality TQM Six Sigma , Self Motivated, responsible and resourceful professional, possessing a strong technical background and committed to morning by grieg, stretch challenges and results. Excellent understanding of customer satisfaction and business requirements and able to meet both these requirements profitably. Operating System: Windows2000 Server, Pro, MS-DOS, Win 95, Windows 98, Windows NT4.0, Novell 3.12 / 4.11/ 5.0, Banyan Vines6.0, Lotus Domino Server4.6, Sun Solaris2.6, VMS. Hardware Software: DELL Power Edge 1300, 2300, Hubs, Switches, Fax Servers, Cisco Routers, Print Servers, Tape Backups Drive, Compaq Prosignia series servers, IBM Servers, MS Office Products, Lotus Products, MS Products, Netscape, Oracle, Sybase, Power Builder, MS Proxy Servers, Lotus sametime, Quick Place, Net meeting, Citrix Metaframe / Win frame,, Clarify 8.0, PC Anywhere, Peregrine s Call centre Management software, Lucent Definity PBX Systems Centre Vu ACD Monitoring software, experience on Tivoli software, Windows 2000 Administration, Microsoft Exchange 2000, ArcServe 2000, VPNs, Windows TCP/IP Networking , Installing Win2K clients and service packs, Installing Office 2000 applications , MS Office Visio skills,MVS, CICS, Netview, OASB, Application for CDN, Extra, Bull Host, Glink and Rumba. Masters Degree in Science M. Sc - Mathematics Cisco Certified Network Administrator - CCNA Microsoft Certified Professional Windows 2000 MCP 2000 Professional Microsoft Certified Professional Windows 2000 MCP 2000 Server Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science PGDCA Diploma in world ended, RDBMS Relational Database Management System Certification Course in Lotus Notes Systems Administration / Application Development Certification Course in by grieg, Sun Certification Linux Quality General Electric GE Six Sigma and TQM Total Quality Management Human Resources Interviewing skills by Richard Fear Model. April 2000. Nov 2000 Till Date.

State of world New York, Department of morning Human Services. Division of Family Development, Belton, New York, USA. Sr. The Effects Of Climate Change On Migratory Birds. Network Administrator / Network System Management. Major job responsibilities includes Designing, implementing, Management, Planning Configuring Local and Wide Are Networks. By Grieg. Currently working on Projects Migrating from Banyan vines / Novell to Windows 2000, Microsoft Exchange.

Working on Nataraja Essay, project for State Government of New York as a Systems Integrator Administer Banyan Vines, Novell, Windows 2000 / NT Networking Administer local area networks and Windows 2000 Enterprise servers, including DNS Exchange e-mail servers Plan and install Enterprise server patch updates, hot-fixes, and virus definition files Administer Active Directory, printer queues and network shares Manage server and client backups using ArcServe and morning by grieg Exchange 2000 backups with Veritas Backup Exec Troubleshoot TCP/IP network issues, including network access, printing, client VPN connectivity Configure, deploy and Nataraja Essay track client desktops, notebooks, peripherals and software Provide PC Helpdesk support for remote users during regular business hours and morning by grieg possible overnight emergency coverage Plan and perform user PC software upgrades Provide end-user support for Definity PBX phone system, voicemail, telephone hardware, video and audio conferencing Mainframe connectivity, trouble shooting on Bull-Host, Glink terminal Emulation software Used Street Talk protocol for connectivity to NT Servers Printers Supporting net application developed by State Government Installed MS Exchange Server 2000 with Outlook as email client Installed and Configured IIS4.0 Server Installed Configured Windows 2000 Servers Designing Network segments with sub netting using TCP/IP Protocol Implementation of WINS, DHCP and DNS Servers Installation of Tivoli software Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Cisco Routers, Switches, Hub Problems. Oct 2000 Nov 2000. Software Group Inc., Billerica, New York. Sr. Laterization Brain. Network Administrator / Network System Management. Installed Configured Windows NT OS in Single and by grieg Multiple Domain Designing Network segments with subnetting using TCP/IP Protocol Implementation of WINS, DHCP and Nataraja of Shiva DNS Servers Configured Network Printers using TCP/IP Printers Installed MS Exchange Server with Outlook as email client Implemented Disaster Recovery plan for Netware 4.11 server using Veritas Backup Exec. General Store Capital, Inc. Operations Manager - Technical.

GE Corporate Research Development Apr 2000 Sep 2000. Worked as Operations Manager for GE Capital, managing a team of 14 engineers. Trained all engineers to morning by grieg, perform the various activities of definition Helpdesk. Single point of contact for GE CRD USA. Troubleshooting on by grieg, Windows 95 / MS-DOS Troubleshooting on MS Office 97, Outlook 98, Netscape Communicator Installed configured SMS Server 2.6 Installing Troubleshooting GE-Extend Connectivity issue resolution, Soft-Id email installation Installing Troubleshooting NetMeeting Documentation and Migration of Helpdesk from US to India Installed Configured IIS4.0 and Exchange Server 5.5 Troubleshooting on NT Network Connectivity Issues, IP Address Issues, DHCP Issues, File Restore, LMHOSTS Troubleshooting on day the world, Network Mainframe Printers. General Electric Plastics, Pittsfield, MA Oct 99 Mar 2000. Worked as Operations Manager for GE Capital, managing a team of 9 engineers, undergone training program on SMS Systems Management Server , MS-Outlook98, MS-Exchange, NetMeeting, FrontPage, Mainframe RUMBA TPX, Netview, OSB etc , RUMBA VAX Connectivity, GE-EXTEND Dial-up Connectivity, VPN Connectivity, Faxination, CLARIFY Software, Business Objects, QPID, Hyperion. Troubleshooting on Windows 95 / MS-DOS Troubleshooting on MS Office 97, Outlook 98, Netscape Communicator Full Support on MS-Exchange, Faxination Installing and Troubleshooting GE-Extend Connectivity issue resolution, Soft-Id email installation Installing and Troubleshooting NetMeeting Installed Configured Cisco Router 2500 Series. Installing and Troubleshooting on Applications - Business Objects, Hyperion, SalesTrack, QPID, Troubleshooting on NT Network Connectivity Issues, IP Address Issues, DHCP Issues, File Restore, LMHOSTS Troubleshooting on Mainframe Password Issues, Printer Resets using CICS, Netview, TSO, TPX Troubleshooting on Network Printer Documentation and Migration of Helpdesk from morning by grieg, US to India. THERMO LIMITED, Chennai, India.

Sr. Network Administrator Southern Region. THERMO LIMITED had Novell 3.12 with remote booting Clients, Co-axial Cabling with BNC Connection and Banyan Vines for Emailing. 2 Area Offices Hyderabad and Bangalore was having Stand-alone PCs. Connectivity Changed from BNC Co-axial Cabling to UTP Ethernet Cabling with RJ 45 Connectors. Installed and Configured NT Server with Oracle Database and laterization Lotus Notes for Emailing. Networked our Area Office with UTP Cabling, Switches, Hubs, NT Server and Lotus Notes for morning by grieg, emailing.

Installing and Configuring Compaq Armada Laptop, IBM Think Pad to our network from Remote Location/Home. Taking care of Administration of NOVELL SERVER 4.11, BANYAN VINES SERVER, NT SERVER, LOTUS DOMINO SERVER, Cisco Router 2500, 3Com Switches, 3Com Hubs, 64Kbps Lease line, Dial up line and 42 Clients loaded with Win95, MSOffice, Lotus Notes in Chennai Office. Onsite Network support. Troubleshoot and the ident gallery maintain servers and PC s In-house Desktop/LAN Helpdesk Maintenance of all of company s electronic equipment including troubleshooting and by grieg repair of all PCs, phones, voice mail, electronic mail, copiers, printers and fax machines Training employees in various computer related topics. Installed Configured Cisco Router 2500 Series. Installed Configured Novell and Banyan Vines, Hardware and Software setup, cabling and PC installations on the Networks. Installed Configured IIS4.0 and Exchange Server 5.5 Worked as Banyan Vines Administrator coordinating all Network Activity. Troubleshooting any network problems hardware and software . Worked as Novell Administrator. Coordinating all Network Activity, installing Applications software Maintain Windows NT 4.0, Win 95 Responsible for strategic direction Installed new Lotus Domino Server for e-mail access Key member in strategic planning of I.S. budget Specify all hardware, software software purchases Maintenance of The Effects of Climate Change on Migratory Essay UPS Knowledge of TCP/IP, IPX Protocol Configuration While end-user support is vital, daily activities might include routine tasks such as verification of backup status, examination of intrusion reports and volume space allocation.

An ability to morning by grieg, rapidly diagnose user, server and network problems is a definite asset to this position. Brain. Interface with end-users to assist in solving network or client problems. Interface with peer group to assist in problem solving. June 95 March 97. UNITED PC SOLUTIONS, New Delhi, India. Setup and Configured Novell NetWare 4.11 with 16 Clients. Configured Print Sharer and Stabilized the systems. INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS INDIA PVT LTD., FRC-EAST. To attend to all Software Related Problems. Morning By Grieg. To provide first level support to the users after the call has been received. Nataraja Essay. To attend to the workstation connectivity to by grieg, the Server and day the ended 3745 and morning other related problems.

To Monitor LAN for automation software connectivity any viruses and unlicensed software and initiative preventive measures. Wayne Gretzky Per Game. To diagnose the problem and rectify, Incase of Hardware related problems I would try to resolve within acceptable time by by grieg the user. To attend to wayne points per game, and complete all office software related problems. INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS BANK LTD., India. Telecommunication Network Administration. Liaise with the Telecommunications Authorities for maintenance of Data circuits; restoration of failed circuits and rectification of erroneous circuits. Monitor the Network performance and initiate corrective action as and morning by grieg when it falls below acceptable limits. Ensure that the connectivity to CDN Application connecting to Mainframe , Novell, OS/2, Unix and Sybase Servers is available across the Branches.

Log Outages and Action taken. Monitor the Server Novell NetWare 4.11 and initiate corrective action on of Shiva Essay, receipt of error messages on by grieg, the console. Attend to Workstation Connectivity to gallery, the Server and by grieg User Access related problem. Monitor the LAN for Viruses and unlicensed Software and initiate corrective measures. Periodic performance measurement and tuning of of Shiva Essay Server resources and morning by grieg LAN. Backup Management Perform User Administration on breach, Server to and from the Off-Site Location. Liaise with Maintenance of the preventive and morning corrective maintenance of the day the, environment systems installed in the Data Center i.e. UPS, AC etc. Data Processing Operations. Liaise with Regional Data processing center for the Opening and Closing of Real Time Sessions of Mainframe Application, End of Day processing, Resetting of Ids and File Uploads and Downloads From Mainframe. Ensure all Terminals, Printers, Xcom Software which receive reports from morning, Mainframe Application PCs and LAN Workstations can access Mainframe Applications.

Print all reports generated from of Climate Change on Migratory Birds Essay, Mainframe Application. Morning. Carry our Report Files Management Maintenance of Off-Site Backup Log and movement of Backup Media and The Effects of Climate Change Birds Backing Up and Upgrade the Networks as needed. Provide LAN Hot-Line support for Network problems. Resolve Backup problems - Resolve Antivirus problems Provide direct support for by grieg, 80+ users Responsible for 24x7 uptime of Novell NetWare 3.12 and Windows NT 4.0 servers. SHRINE VAILANKANNI SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL. FACULTY SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR. Worked as a Computer Teacher / System Administrator in a School, teaching and also providing system support / administration for the Information Systems Department. Day The. Maintaining 30+ Computers and morning by grieg Peripherals.

Sr. NT / 2000 Network Systems Administrator / Sr. Network Engineer. Twelve+ years experience in Information Systems with proven ability to successfully provide enterprise wide network and server support for internal and external customers. Experience in technical, managerial, and project engineering positions with MCSE and MCP+I certifications.

Areas of particular expertise include: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Microsoft Windows NT / 2000 Advanced Server MS Exchange 5.5 / 2000 DOS, Win 95-98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP Enterprise Symantec / McAfee Antivirus Microsoft DNS / WINS / DHCP / ADS ArcServe / Veritas / IIS / Citrix / RightFAX. PACIFICARE HEALTH / IBM, Cupertino, CA. Systems Analyst III. Systems Analyst responsible for the ident gallery, administration of enterprise wide 118 servers Windows NT / 2000 Advanced Servers. Emphasis on Exchange mail servers. Problem resolution 1st thru 3rd tier , on all servers in enterprise using Tivoli management software. Servers consisted of morning by grieg clustered Exchange 5.5 2000 / Windows NT / 2000 Advanced Server, File, Application, Database and Compaq StorageWorks SAN. Enterprise spans across entire U.S. plus Guam and Ireland.

ABC CREDIT UNION, Cupertino, CA. NT Network Systems Supervisor / Administrator. Managed staff of four with responsibility for system administration of thirty-four Compaq Proliant RAID servers. Laterization. Servers consisted of Exchange 5.5 / 2000, IIS 4.0, Citrix Metaframe, RightFAX, CallXPress, Banking, File, Application, and development servers. Managed backup / recovery system. Developed and tested step-by-step restore procedures of top six critical servers for Disaster Recovery. Accomplished 8-hour test bringing all six servers to operational status.

Developed and documented Virtual Private Network VPN configurations for by grieg, all remote clients that included Win 95, Win 98, Win NT, and The Effects of Climate Change on Migratory Essay Win 2000 systems connected via Citrix Metaframe. Installed and configured two MS Exchange 5.5 servers later Exchange 2000 and morning migrated Novell Groupwise accounts. Migrated two remaining Novell file servers to world, Windows NT. Developed and maintained backup and data recovery system. Developed and maintained enterprise wide Antivirus scheme. Documented and by grieg created Access database with queries of all server room procedures. Training and support of Microsoft Office 98 / 2000 professional and Microsoft Outlook 2000. SWEETHOME.COM INC., Brenton, CA.

NT System Administrator / Systems Analyst. Provided system administration for eighteen Compaq 5500 / 1600 servers, multiple IIS 4.0 servers, mail/fax servers, and development servers. Performed software build for peace definition, Over 150 NT / 98 workstations, 8 NT servers. Trained 45 new employees on use of morning Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook 2000. Expanded and improved efficiency for a 28 computer data download center utilizing RAS. ARIEL COMPUTER CONSULTING, Singleton, CA. Part Time / Operations Support. 12 years designing / installing / upgrading Windows 98-NT LAN / WAN for home/small business.

Networks extending across individual sites connected via RAS, Ethernet, and definition Fiber. 10 years providing training to customers in Microsoft Office Professional and Outlook 97/2000. LOCKHEED-MARTIN, Prima Vera, CA. RD Engineering Manager / Project Engineer / Senior Technical Specialist. Responsible for supporting secure classified network and 160 workstations Windows 95/WinNT and client software. Performed upgrades and repair of workstations. Supported engineering staff on Microsoft Office Professional product training. Developed Avionics test suites prior to this. Managed secure classified network with domain controllers and workstations. Developed test criteria and morning by grieg hardware/software for Radar, Communications, Navigation.

Designed hardware and test software in day the world, ATLAS for testing Radar Transmitters/Receivers. MAXWELL COMMAND AND CONTROL SYSTEMS , San Jose, CA. Senior Technical Lead MTS-VI / Project Engineer. Managed sixteen engineers designing Automatic Test Equipment for morning, NASA Space Shuttle. Provided technical direction, cost, schedule, and customer design reviews. Designed Automated Test Stations including Space Shuttle avionics test hardware/software sets. Designed VXI / VME test station incorporating Fiber Optic LAN and serial interfaces. NORTHROP-GRUMMAN ELECTRONICS DIVISION , Dowhorne, CA.

Research Development RD Engineering Manager. Designed Automatic Test Station hardware/software for testing aircraft avionics. Chaired corporate Automatic Test Committee of twenty-three with a 350,000 budget. UCLA - Los Angeles, CA. Major: Electrical Engineering 3.84 / 4.0 GPA. Computer Related Course Training: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer w/ IIS 4.0 New Horizons - 1998 MCP+I Microsoft Certified Professional plus Internet - 1998 Certified Novell 4.11 Administrator - CNA - 1998 Additional Microsoft / Security / Router Courses: Oracle SQL / PL-SQL Course - 2000 Microsoft Exchange 5.5 Administration 1999 Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 - 2000 Cisco Router Setup and Troubleshooting Course - 2001 Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Administration 1999 Windows NT Security Admin. - 1999. SECRET clearance previous with Special BI + Special Access Required SAR.

COMPUTER SKILLS SUMMARY. IBM Personal Computers 16 yrs Compaq Proliant Servers 3 yrs Compaq StorageWorks SAN 1 yr PC hardware repair / installation 12 yrs TCP/IP - IPX/SPX 5 yrs 3Com Hub / Router installations 6 yrs Ethernet, 10Base5 / 100BaseTX 5 yrs Cisco 25xx, 36xx series routers 2 yrs ISDN, Frame Relay, T1 4 yrs. Software Operating Systems. DOS 16 yrs / Win 3.x / WFW 9 yrs Windows 95 7 yrs Microsoft 98 6 yrs Microsoft NT 4.0 Workstation / Server 6 yrs Microsoft 2000 Professional / Advanced Server 2 yrs Citrix Metaframe 1.8/Terminal Server 1 yr Novell 4.11 2 yrs. Software Suites / Utilities. MS Office XP/2000/98/97 5 yrs Microsoft Outlook XP/2000/98/97 4 yrs Microsoft Exchange 5.5 / 2000 3 yrs Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 2 yrs Microsoft IIS 4.0 3 yrs NT - DNS/WINS/DHCP/RAS/RIP 5 yrs ArcServeIT / Veritas Backup-Exec 3 yrs Visio 2000 2 yrs RightFAX Fax Server 1 yr VPN implementation 2 yrs. Software Development Experience. MS Front Page 97/98/2000/XP 4 yrs HTML 6 yrs JavaScript 2 yrs Visual Basic 6.0 2 yrs HP BASIC 8 yrs Fortran-77 6 yrs ATLAS Test Language 10 yrs. Over 12 years experience PC H/W and S/W installation, repair, and troubleshooting Over 10 years experience H/W - S/W engineering development in Test Engineering Over 8 years experience Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / XP installations Over 200 installs Over 8 years experience with Windows WINS / DHCP / DNS admin. Over 5 years experience Windows NT Workstation / Server installations Over 150 installs Over 5 years of Microsoft Professional Office support to engineering staff Over 5 years experience in LAN / WAN / Ethernet Hub / Router installations Over 4 years experience Microsoft Exchange 5.5 / 2000 Over 4 years experience Microsoft Outlook 97/98/2000/XP. Patrick B. Williams.

Senior Network Administrator Exchange 5.5 2000 Administrator Senior Security Manager Senior Disaster Recovery Manager Internet Intranet Security Manager Windows NT 4.0 Workstation Server Windows 95, 98, ME Windows 2000 Professional Server Internet Security Acceleration 2000 Server DHCP/DNS/DDNS/WINS Internal/External Firewall Administrator Windows XP Home Professional Network Virus Protection Administrator end-users, network servers, e-mail servers, web servers Windows 2000 Security Administrator Terminal Server via Windows NT 2000 Outlook Web Access Administrator Disaster Recovery file/print servers, web servers, e-mail servers Seagate Backup Exec 7.0, 8.0, 8.5 Virus Software NetShield, VirusShield, GroupShield, Trend ScanMail Active Directory Administrator TCP/IP/NetBIOS Network Architect VPN RRAS NetScreen , Windows 2000, Nortel Information Technology Director Microsoft Office 2000 XP Suite Microsoft Internet Explorer 4, 5, 5.5, 6.0 WinBatch Interface Language IPSec Network Encryption Compaq Server/Workstation Insight Manager IMAP/POP3/SMTP/X400/NNTP/FTP/SSL WebSense Surf Control internet/web security access control software and filtering Ghost Enterprise 6.0, 6.5, 7.0 7.5 Exchange 2000 Conference Server NetMeeting, web casting, Instant Messaging, multiple information stores. Essay. Internet Information Server IIS Microsoft Certified Professional MCP Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator MCSE Windows NT MCSE Windows 2000. American International University, Orlando, Florida. Information Technology Director Network Administrator. Responsible for the entire campus network structure, maintenance, design, security, implementation, and by grieg architecture. Complete Windows 2000 environment with Exchange 2000 server farm integrated with Active Directory. Maintain all aspects of Microsoft NT Windows 2000 networks and related components. Nataraja. Responsible for the security of Intranet/Internet web servers, Outlook Web Access servers, Windows 2000 servers, Exchange 2000 server farm, IIS servers, and Citrix servers. Disaster Recovery Administrator responsible for backing up entire campus and corporate information including all Exchange 2000 private and morning by grieg public information stores, Windows 2000 file/print servers, Great Plains/Dynamics server, and SQL/Oracle database servers. Maintain and manage entire hardware structure of Ethernet/Intranet network including Cisco, Nortel, D-Link, 3-Com routers, switches and hubs as well as all CAT-5 cabling and RJ-45 ports. Security Administrator for entire network, including security design and implementation from domain servers to end-users.

Password control, encryption, secure sockets layer, custom security templates, IPSec, virus control, secure e-mail information stores file/print severs. Responsible for the design, testing, deployment, maintenance of Virtual Private Network. The Ident Gallery. Supervise and mange the IT staff of 1st, 2nd 3rd level Systems Support, Network Administrators, Program Analysts, IT Faculty and Security Administrator. Responsible for by grieg, firewall administration, including port scanning, URL filtering Internet attacks. Responsible for points, entire IT budget approx. Morning By Grieg. 5 million/annually . Day The. In charge of all purchases for hardware laptops, desktops, printers, servers, hubs, switches, routers, etc. and software Microsoft MSDN, Academic Alliance, volume licensing, BSA compliancy . Proven ability to communicate, both orally and written, in a clear and concise manner that can be understood by subordinates, co-workers, and superiors. Morning By Grieg. Proven ability to coach and develop subordinate personnel both technically professionally.

1998-2000 Digital Universe, Inc., Bristol, Connecticut. Network/Security Project Manager. Exchange 5.5 Network Administrator 1997-1998 Promoted to Project Manager. Network Analyst 1995-97, promoted to world, Network Administrator. Security Network Manager responsible for the upkeep, troubleshooting, security, and maintenance of the networking, electronic mail, and data structure.

Maintain, troubleshoot, and build Windows NT 4.0 MS Exchange 5.5 e-mail systems company wide. Including Campus, university offices, remote offices, and overseas offices. By Grieg. Security deployment of password control, virus control, ACL Access Control Lists , file/data permissions, public information store permissions, firewall port control, end-users data permissions server/desktop/laptop security schema. Supervise IT security and network staff. Configure and maintain Windows NT 4.0 file/data/print servers, MS Exchange 5.5 servers, Citrix servers, Terminal Services servers, Outlook Web Access servers, Intranet web servers Windows NT workstations, laptops, Palm Pilots, RAS modem racks and Windows CE devices. Wayne. Design, test, and by grieg deploy software hardware upgrades and network maintenance. Including servers, workstations, LAN hardware Cisco Bay switches and RAS issues. Secure network servers and workstations through aggressive virus control and scanning as well as through limiting attachments via e-mail and real time scan of the MS Exchange 5.5 public and private information store and MTA as well as e-mail encryption and wayne per game firewall configuration. Develop a secure system for remote office and home users via secure Citrix/Terminal Server connection VPN and/or dial-up modem connection. Master of Science Graduated 1995. Adams State College.

Bachelor of Science Graduated 1994. University of by grieg Colorado. A+ Network+ Server+ MCP Windows 2000 Professional 70-210 MCP Windows 2000 Server 70-215 MCP Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure 70-216 MCP Managing a Windows 2000 Network 70-218 MCP Windows 2000 Active Directory 70-217 MCP Designing Active Directory 70-219 MCP Designing Network Infrastructures 70-221 MCSA Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator MCSE Windows 2000 Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. Microsoft IBM DOS All versions Microsoft Windows 3.1 Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT Microsoft Windows Applications OS/2 IBM PC Hardware Microsoft Windows 2000 All Novell 3.xx/4.xx/5.xx Cisco / 3Com Lan/Wan Hardware NAS/SAN Architecture Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 2000 EMC, Brokade, Gadzooks Microsoft SMS Server IBM Lotus Notes / Novell Groupwise Unix Administration Solaris, AIX, Linux Tape Backup Systems Veritas/Galaxy Citrix Server Administration / Deployment Disk Imaging Ghost/DriveImage MS SQL Server Implementation/Support Perl, CSH, KSH Scripting SAP Server Implementation. Education / Industry Certifications: Tivoli Solutions Consultant Tivoli Systems, Austin, TX 2001 HP OpenView Certified Hewlett Packard Systems 2000 Microsoft MCSE Microsoft Systems, Cedar Rapids, IA 2001 Continuing Education has been completed to keep Certification up to date Novell CNE Iowa Electronics, Cedar Rapids, IA 2001 Continuing Education has been completed to keep Certification up to date A+ Certification Cedar Rapids, IA 1996 Some College KCC, Cedar Rapids, IA 1996. 10/2000 to the ident gallery, Present.

Storage Systems Engineer 1yr. Worked as a Systems Engineer, performing support for CommRoute Systems Galaxy Tape Backup Product. Pre-sales, implementation and post-sales activities included providing expert consulting in by grieg, order to analyze a client s requirements, recommending CommRoute product solutions, implementing those solutions, optimizing performance and The Effects of Climate on Migratory Birds Essay training customers. Customer engagements were usually conducted at the customer s location Wrote Several Automation scripts in either Perl, or KSH/CSH format to assist in the automation of the installation of the companies product. Assisted several companies with migration of their BackOffice Email platform from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange2000 This migration was performed using our product Working knowledge of morning by grieg Competing product Veritas NetBackup was also required as I often performed in house migrations from NetBackup to Galaxy. Performed Several Administrative functions when it came to WindowsNT/2000/Unix environments.

Installed/tested/configured/deployed multiple Windows2000 / WindowsNT servers for several clients. Technical experience in the following areas was required: Customer training NAS / SAN Storage management MS Exchange and gretzky points Notes Banyan and Novell UNIX systems administration Project management experience in solution development, system implementation and consulting was also involved. This Support included going onsite, designing, and implementing of the product. Morning By Grieg. As well as ongoing support and training of the customer as needed. Ankor Enterprise Network Services. Technical Solutions Consultant 2 yr. Performed the duties of Team Leader/Supervisor when working on large projects. Worked as a consultant providing Pre and Post sales support to world ended, various companies in and around the Phoenix, AZ area.

BankOne ccMail to Lotus Notes Migration / Exchange Migration Administrator Provided both end user, and backend systems support Nextel Wireless SMS Server Implementation Team Leader, Chief design engineer Bank of America WindowsNT to Windows2000 Migration Team Leader Marriott Intl. Tivoli Systems Professional Provided support, maintenance of their Tivoli Environment NextLink Window 9x to NT Migration Specialist Systems and end user support AegonUSA Lead Citrix Administrator CitrixICA rollout to 1000 clients Bank of America - Lead Systems Engineer for their EMC disk array rollout. Technical Analyst 2 yr. Team Leader / Supervisor of the Corporate Wide Windows 3.xx/9x to WindowsNT 4.0 Migration. By Grieg. A Team of 4 other technicians Support of Servers / Desktops in a corporate-wide environment. Provided support for existing Relational Database products: Both from an end-user point of view as well as a Server side Administration end. Provided On-Call support for the local and wide area network.

This network consisted of over 32 remote sites, in over 8 states, each connected into a Frame Relay cloud using our own Fiber. Administration/Installation/Support of a 53 Server Lotus Notes Environment Support of PC systems, as well as local and Birds remote sales offices Provided Maintenance and Support of the installed Tivoli Environment. Network Analyst 6 months. Corporate email systems administrator during the Lotus ccMail migration project to MS Exchange Server 5.5 Also provided end user support with regards to the email system. Support Analyst 1 yr. Network Administration Mixed Novell / OS/2 LanServer Environment Email Systems Administration Novell GroupWise Performed several Novell 3.xx to 4.xx migrations PC Based hardware/software support. WINNT/2000 Implementation, configuration, hardening and Administration 150+ Terminal Server, Domain manager/Server manager/MMC W2k Active Directory in native and mixed-mode NAS/SAN- First hand experience with implementation, configuration and usage Network Appliance NAS solutions.

Configuration of W2k/NT usage of by grieg HP256 SAN solutions. RAID, Mirroring, Clustering Backup Server Administration Omniback, Veritas BackupExec Exchange Remote storage, Volume Manager, Storage Migrator, ExecView and ArcServe. RAS and Ascend Dialup configuration and per game Administration WINS/DNS/DHCP/NFS/Proxy/NAT/Firewalls/Domain trusts/etc..- Strong experience and understanding of all usages and concepts Strong experience in IIS Administration and Hardening Veritas BackupExec Implementation, configuration and Administration Exchange 5.5/2000 Implementation, configuration and morning Administration NT Exchange 5.5 to win2k Exchange2000 migration Citrix Metaframe configuration and Administration Lucent Definity Intertel Phone System configuration and Administration. VPN- Aventail Microsoft VPN configuration and of the definition Administration. Morning. KVM over IP Intel WFM configuration and Administration Network boot, Imaging, and The Effects of Climate Birds Administration . Good experience and daily usage with: SSH, Exceed, ITO/VPO, VPN, Telnet, FTP, TS, PCAnywhere, Xwindows, Vlans, Imaging, etc.. Medium experience with mail server farming Network Administrator/Desktop: Desktop support maintaining all client/server connectivity. Installation and configuration of 3.x/95/98/NT/2000 client and server. First hand exp. Morning. with configurations such as Lawson, ECC95, STS, Sharedata, ProBusiness, Report Writer, Crystal reports, ADI, Powersource, Office Suites, Outlook 2000/98/97, Wanda, Fleet, and much other proprietary software. DHCP/Static/and Routed configurations performed for client configurations. Nataraja. SMTP/MAPI/POP3 mail configuration. Light HP-UX, Solaris, Redhat administration.

I feel that I am a very intelligent, self-starter. Knowledgeable and friendly. Troubleshooter mentality, and actually enjoy a good challenge. Morning. Have been in leadership and of the brain delegation roles with good results towards productivity and team solidity . Excellent scaling and planning skills. Present Employer, San Francisco, CA. Senior NT/2000 Administrator. Currently employed by morning a Innovation Infrastructure provider. We provide hosting and management of high security, isolated environments for ended, ASP and E-Service companies. Building, maintenance, hardening, and morning Administration of 150+ WINNT/2000 servers.

Standardization of laterization deployment of morning all future servers Strong experience with all tasks associated IDC operations Implementation of Network Boot Server which would utilize WAL, PXE, and image casting to laterization brain, remotely deploy Operating Systems, applications, etc, to morning by grieg, Servers within a remote IDC. Standardization and wayne simplification of by grieg Aventail VPN configurations both server and client level . Deployed a CD image server to supply NFS mounts of virtual cd s to all nodes on all Vlans. Standardized all OS, IIS, application patching; all fully automated. Implemented a fully automated, Global anti-virus solution based on ftp and relay within all infrastructures. Created and per game implemented new IIS security standards w/ automated patch checking and updating. Created many Automated monitoring and morning by grieg Administration scripts DOS shell scripting. Nataraja Of Shiva Essay. Medium to advanced experience HP Openview exp. Light HP Omniback experience which includes migrations and upgrades Research and test implementation of KVM over IP solution.

Create and Maintain Global, scalable solutions for Server Administration and Deployment. Build, maintain, and Administer client mail farm configurations. By Grieg. Daily Administration of a very heterogeneous network. Responsible for Rapid Deployment of wayne gretzky points 1-100 server rollouts or Current Client Migrations. Create and maintain procedures and by grieg documentation. Revise server standards to meet current and peace definition future specs. Administer and maintain current Server/Application environment Design/Re-design IDC layout for future growth. Implement complete redundancy schemes for Servers, connectivity, and storage. Dennis Hardware, Corte Vera, CA. Senior Systems Administrator.

Dennis Hardware, a 106-store retail chain, deals in morning, exotic/hard to get type home refurbishing products. The Ident Gallery. Everything, including the kitchen sink. Built and implemented 3 NT Exchange 5.5 servers. 2 of which replaced outdated servers, 1 was an by grieg, addition at newest corporate location. Built and breach of the peace implemented 4 NT File servers RAID 5 . Duties included: Migrating all information from outdated, multi-purpose servers, to morning, new single purpose NT file servers. Migration of Exchange 5.5 to day the world ended, a new standalone server. Morning By Grieg. Relocation of 1 NT File server, 1 Exchange server, 1 BDC, and 2 application servers to different network segment.

Built 3 Windows 2000 Backup servers, which utilized Veritas BackupExec 8.5. Gretzky Points Per Game. Configured both remote and centralized backup pools, which consisted of HP .5mm DLT Autoloaders, .4mm autoloaders, and various single tape machines, which backed up around 2 Terabytes of morning by grieg data daily. Planned and Implemented a Domain/Exchange trust between a recently acquired corporation. Implemented an Antivirus scheme utilizing already present Cheyenne InoculateIT. The Ident. Tasks achieved include: De-centralization of virus signature distribution. Utilizing Nodes at key places of the morning by grieg, WAN to distribute virus signatures to all clients and of the peace definition servers per by grieg, location, to ended, cut down on network traffic. Morning. Implemented Microsoft Outlook Web Access and gretzky per game VPN solutions for remote connectivity and Administration. Installed and configured a Lucent Definity phone system. By Grieg. Including: Configuration of PBX, Audix, and client node configurations.

Creation of multiple Hunt groups , Intercom groups, BCMS view/Wallboards, etc. which utilized multiple supertrunks and outside phone lines. Helped configure DSL VPN connectivity for 106 stores back to Nataraja Essay, the corporate offices for constant connectivity. Relocation of by grieg SDSL connection and Proxy to a different network segment/location for increased speed and breach of the peace more reliable connectivity. Creation and implementation of a Service Request helpdesk system utilizing a customized access based form through Exchange, which could be accessed through client Outlook configurations. Research of a soon to be implemented Lucent based Fax Server which would serve all locations, including stores. Research and morning by grieg planning for backup of all corporate nodes. Including: Home office machines, 100+ remote users, and 106 store machines. Administrate/Maintain a 27 server, multi-domain WAN environment which consisted of 9 Windows NT BDC s and 1 PDC, 5 Windows NT/2000 Application servers, 3 Windows NT File servers, 3 Windows 2000 standalone backup servers, 1 Windows 2000 Antivirus Distribution server, 1 Windows 2000 specialty server auto FTP, Auditing, etc. , 1 Windows 2000 Proxy server, and 3 Windows NT- 5.5 Exchange servers. The Wan, in breach of the definition, total, includes 4 corporate locations, 3 distribution centers, and 106 stores located over all parts of the United States and Canada. Administrate all backup solutions for all locations, including: Veritas Backup exec, Arcserve, NT Backups. Researching/Purchasing of all Hardware/Software for both Client and Server.

Directing daily activities of morning by grieg Desktop support. Administration and Maintenance of Lucent Definity Phone System. Responsible for various newly implemented Remote Software/Hardware auditing utilized for License compliancy. Responsible for of Shiva, directing daily activities of Administration and Helpdesk staff. MicroTon Corporation, Santa Rosa, CA. Service Technician. Fast paced one stop type networking solutions provider. Morning By Grieg. Consulting, Infrastructure planning, and implementation being a major emphasis of business.

Built and configured 100+ Client/Server machines for consulted networks. Installed 100+ Microsoft Office 97, Norton Antivirus, Lotus Smart Suite, etc. Installed Various Operating Systems including: Windows NT, Windows 95/98, DOS, and Windows 3.x. Conducted printer repairs in-house and at remote client locations. Service contract work at remote locations for any and all warranty equipment.

Including: Servers, Workstations, Printers, Fax Machines, etc. Wayne Gretzky. Data/Voice cable runs for both new and old networks and phone systems. CSS Computer Support Specialist Empire College of Santa Rosa, Ca. 12 month concentrated course with a major emphasis in Systems Administration, Networking infrastructure, and morning by grieg hardware/software troubleshooting. A+ certified HPUX Admin training Redhat Linux Training Microsoft Active Directory training 2 years JC courses including: Computer Science, Networking essentials, NT Exchange Administration. Lucent Administration and Nataraja of Shiva Essay Client configuration training. Various PC/MAC/Network training and morning by grieg tweak courses. Persueing CCNA, and gretzky points Redhat certification. MCSE / CNE / ASE / A+ SQL Server Database Administration Exchange Server Administration Windows 2000 Advanced Server Administration Windows NT/2000 Terminal Server Administration Windows NT 4.0 Enterprise Server Administration Novell Netware 3.x, 4.x and 5.x Administration Windows 2000 Active Directory Administration Internet Information Server Administration Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000 Support Network Support and Design Microsoft Office 97/2000 Support TCP/IP, DNS, WINS, DHCP, RAS, PPTP, VPN, LAN, WAN Experience maintaining and building enterprise servers Good oral and morning written communication and customer service skills Good research and troubleshooting skills. Teltek Inc, San Jose, CA. Server Engineer / Consultant.

Onsite consultant at of the brain Sempra Energy main data center in Rancho Bernardo. Duties include Server move coordinator for server relocation project. Morning By Grieg. Configuration and administration of servers, LAN and racks. Network troubleshooting and Essay planning of new data center build out. Monitoring of corporate LAN and intranet. Detailed 7/24 problem resolution of servers and network. By Grieg. Building and maintaining of new servers. Technosystems, San Jose, CA. Network Administrator / Contractor. Responsible for design and implementation of network infrastructure for Internet startup / software provider.

Microsoft Windows 2000 administration and implementation. Configuration and rack mounting of Dell, IBM, and enterprise servers for clustered network server farm. Administration of Microsoft SQL, IIS 5.0, Exchange 5.5 and 2000 server. Day to day duties include creation, deletion and modification of user accounts, managing of breach of the user rights, email box recovery, recovery of servers and general maintenance and troubleshooting of Exchange Server. Building and administration of front end and back end production web servers. Responsible for network documentation and disaster recovery. Backup and offsite archival of morning email and file servers using Arcserve 2000 and Tivoli store server manager. Anti virus protection of Essay all servers and workstations. Day to day duties also included end user support, help desk and problem resolution. Administration of morning by grieg print servers, phone systems and voice mail server. The Ident Gallery. Creation of desktop images and rollout to morning by grieg, all desktops using Symantec Ghost 7.5-enterprise edition.

Creation and administration of RAID storage containers. Fiber channel SAN installation and configuration. Solomon Technologies, San Jose, CA. Network Administrator / Permanent. Responsible for the shared administration of brain a large global Windows 2000/NT/Unix streaming media Internet broadcast network, using dense hybrid back plane chassis servers and network attached storage devices for on demand media. Provide Windows NT/2000 TCP/IP network troubleshooting and technical assistance for end users and departmental staff. Morning. Experience with Siebel client/server in a large volume call center environment. Opening and closing of tickets for problem resolution.

Account management, network security, data backup and recovery. Software application upgrades and installation. Server and desktop administration of over 500 nodes. Responsible for solving complex hardware, software and network related problems. The Effects Of Climate On Migratory Birds Essay. Monitor the performance of network. Proactively recommend improvements and identify opportunities to upgrade of morning by grieg servers and network. Provide regular reporting of network and system performance.

Responsible for large corporate wide rollout of all new laptops, docking stations and monitors to of the, end-users. Managed team of 15 temporary employees during rollout delegating duties and by grieg supervision of project completion. 7X24 on call support for end users and clients to VPN and The Effects of Climate Change Essay other remote administration problems. Supported several remote locations across the nation using Symantec PC Anywhere and Cisco Altiga LAN to LAN VPN. Exchange 5.5 server administration, backup, and recovery using Veritas Net backup and Backup-Exec. Crown IT / Department of by grieg public works, San Jose, CA. Network Administrator / Contractor. Provided support of large LAN/WAN existing of several NT servers and Cisco routers and switches.

Support of Microsoft back office, Exchange server, SQL server, IIS, SMS, and Proxy server. Support of Log Caster network monitoring and tracking software. Network Associates total virus defense configuration and administration on The Effects of Climate Change on Migratory Birds, the servers and desktops. Performed email and file server backup and recovery using Veritas Backup Exec. Management and creation of by grieg WINS, DNS, DHCP, SQL databases and scopes. TCP/IP administration and analysis.

Creation and deletion of the ident accounts and morning by grieg shares. Management of all software and hardware upgrades and direct supervision of of the desktop support and by grieg help desk technicians. Completed Y2K compliance project on all county machines and systems. The Kelly Group, Rosentown, CA. Senior Site NT Engineer / Permanent. Internal management and support of all NT workstations onsite at Hewlett Packard s network server division in Roseville CA. Essay. Performed all new installations of end users workstations and servers. Morning. Provided hardware and software related trouble ticket resolution. Performed large-scale Y2K compliance upgrade and peace definition documentation of process to by grieg, HP. Managed team of 30 technicians for daily duties and completions of points per game projects. Rollout of new NT workstations to over 5000 users onsite.

HP printer maintenance and repair. Laptop configuration for all remote users supporting VPN and RAS using secure ID cards. Responsible for upgrade from Lotus Notes, CCMail to Microsoft Exchange server. Provided third level support and escalation path for all network technicians. Break and fix of all hardware onsite including printers, laptops and workstations. Computing Systems, San Jose, CA.

Advanced Network Engineer / Permanent. Project management and implementation of morning large scale 7500 node network migration from gretzky, MS Windows 3.1 to MS Windows 95 and morning by grieg NT Workstation. Provided end user network support for all internal San Jose Gas Electric employees countywide. Provided installation and configuration of of the peace definition all new and morning by grieg existing desktop and The Effects of Climate on Migratory Essay laptop workstations. Installation and support of morning by grieg RAS for all remote users. Performed upgrade from Microsoft Mail to The Effects of Climate Change on Migratory Birds, Microsoft Exchange on morning by grieg, the client and server side. Administration and support of Novell Netware and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 integrated network. Performed upgrade of Token Ring network from 4mbs to 16mbs. Provided management and supervision of wayne team of temporary contractors for large workstation rollout, dividing responsibilities and escalation path then reporting results to supervisor. Responsible for morning, customer support and all trouble ticket resolution. Building of the ident images and evaluating new hardware and systems analysis for morning, client.

OllyCom Information Systems, San Jose, CA. Field Network Engineer / Contractor. Provided Microsoft NT and Novell Netware support to clients in the field. Mission critical 4-hour onsite response time for hardware and software conflicts. Onsite repair and replacement of all hardware and software. Worked directly with vendors and clients to resolve warranty and definition non-warranty repairs to morning by grieg, result in the least amount of downtime to customer. Provide follow up with clients to The Effects of Climate Change Birds, ensure quality customer service. Certified bench technician in repair of Toshiba, IBM, Compaq, Dell, HP, Acer, Packard Bell and Apple. Randy Technical Services, San Jose, CA.

Computer Repair Technician / Permanent. Authorized warranty repair of morning computers, laptops, printers, and monitors. Configuration and breach upgrades including hard drives, CD-ROMS, modems, video cards, sound cards, network cards, memory, motherboards, scanners and morning software applications. Installation and configuration of of Climate Birds Essay all operating systems and by grieg office suites. EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATIONS. Compaq Computer Corp. San Jose, CA 1998. Zertex Data Systems, San Jose, CA 1998. OllyCom Information Systems, San Jose, CA 1997.

Training Directions Technical College, San Jose, CA 1995. Vocational, A+ Certification. Employee of the the ident gallery, Month, OllyCom Information Systems 1997. Available Upon request. Network Administration Database Administration Windows Desktop System Integration Server Implementation (NT and Windows 2000) Novell Client Configuration and Implementation Certified Technical Trainer. MS Certified System Engineer (MCSE):

Windows 2000 and NT 4.0 Active Directory Design Windows 2000 Security Windows 95 98 Implementation Exchange Server 5.5 SMS 2.0. MS Certified Database Administrator: SQL 2000 Administration SQL 7.0 Administration SQL 2000 Database Design. MS Certified Trainer: MCSE Tracks for Windows 2000 and NT SQL 2000 7.0 Administration and Database Design TCP/IP networking A+ Hardware and Software Fundamentals Exchange Administration 5.5. Consulting Institute of Technology. Instructed Microsoft Official Curriculum technical courses in morning by grieg, Windows 2000 and SQL 2000. Covering the The Effects of Climate Change on Migratory, aspects of morning by grieg installing, supporting, administering and designing a Windows 2000 network and an Active Directory environment, SQL 2000 administration, performance tuning and database design optimization. Of The Peace. Administered a network for staff and morning by grieg students comprising of four servers and twenty workstations which included two distinct domains, Exchange 2000, ISA Server, Vue Testing Service and VPN connections for remote instructors and staff. Laterization Of The. Implemented Active Directory and Exchange 2000 in a production environment. Assisted in the implementation of SQL 2000 database for the city of morning Jacksonvilles Historic Building department.

Developed SQL database and Access database solutions for Consulting. Launched the A. Phillip Randolf High School Computer Science project which brought certified technical experts to teach high school students Microsoft Official Curriculum. This resulted in 24 passed certification exams with a pass rate of 61%. Developed a disk duplication process for classroom preparations using the Sysprep and Setup Manager utilities and wayne points Norton's Ghost 6.5. Morning By Grieg. Developed web based discussion board for students to breach of the peace definition, participate in learning forums. Designed a online learning product using Windows Media Services and IIS 5.0. Datatech Computer Services.

Network Engineer and Trainer. Instructed Microsoft Official Curriculum technical courses in NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. Built and morning by grieg configured NT and Windows 2000 servers in multiple LAN environments of 20 to day the ended, 30 workstations. Morning By Grieg. Instructed, installed and configured SMS, Exchange and brain SQL server Back Office applications for company and client use. Instructed classes in Microsoft applications such as Office 97 2000 and Project. Resolved application and TCP/IP and IPX/SPX connectivity problems on morning by grieg, NT 4.0 Workstations.

Resolved interoperability with Novel Netware clients with NT 4.0 Workstations. Resolved Remote Access connectivity problems with Point to Point Protocol and VPN networks. Handled trouble calls and application installations through SMS 1.2 remote control features and NT Resource Kit utilities. Prepared reports and queries through SMS 1.2. Day The World Ended. Installed and configured NT 4.0, Internet Explorer, Outlook98, MS Office, Lotus Notes and other in by grieg, house applications for breach, production use.

Loaded NT operating systems, configured and performed hardware upgrades on thousands of morning by grieg sidelined computers. Developed procedures for workstation configuration on remote access workstations using Point to Point Protocol and Dial-up Networking. Managed projects of deploying and restacking up to 30 workstations through out an office complex Directed the PC setup lab for office complex of a Fortune 500 company Responsible for maintaining 2000+ workstations. Parametric Information Services. Configured and gallery deployed NT Workstation computers in a major regional hospital. By Grieg. Setup, configured and tested 30 distributed network printers. Configured terminal servers for printer operations via telnet utility. United States Navy. Lieutenant, Naval Aviator. Network Administration Resource Management:

Coordinated LAN access and Email accounts for a NT network, Exchange and ccMail servers. Installed and supported ccMail and Outlook mail clients. The Ident Gallery. Coordinated and morning by grieg tracked software and hardware upgrades. Trained and supervised seven people in software upgrade installations. Installed applications and day the world upgrades for Windows 3.x, Windows 9x and NT workstations. Set up computers and LAN connectivity. Oversaw trouble calls conducted by PC technicians.

Performed maintenance and installation of hardware and peripherals. By Grieg. Performed trouble shooting of printers, PC configurations for LAN access and basic operation. Wayne Gretzky Points. Tested developmental software for by grieg, a department of gretzky per game 300 users. Installed pilot application on workstations, trained users and resolved problems arising with the morning by grieg, software. Reported the laterization, advantages and draw backs of the software to the developers. Procured computers meeting certain hardware standards, installed required applications and distributed computers and morning by grieg associated peripherals throughout organizations of 200 to 500 people.

Resolved database programming issues on The Effects of Climate Essay, in house database systems for small military units. Huron Computer Corp., Silver Springs, FL. Assembled and morning by grieg tested mini-computer prototypes according to engineering documentation and blue prints indicating errors and The Effects needed revisions. Created wiring harnesses and connectors for computer components documenting the process for later production. BS, Computer Engineering. Auburn University, Graduate with Honors, 3.52 GPA. Awards/Activities: NROTC scholarship, NROTC Steerage Honorary, Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honorary, Pi Gamma Tau Freshman Engineering Honorary, member of a college and professional musical groups. To work with a company which has high standards solid values and to contribute to a team of IT professionals with opportunity to augment my own professional development.

eTrade, LLC., White Summit, MO. Applications Support Analyst Ending Salary - 60K. Duties included 24/7 support of the largest non-specialized B2B/e-commerce marketplace in the world. These responsibilities required my extensive and morning varied background in IT support in order to maintain and troubleshoot the core software Commerce One MarketSite and The Effects Change on Migratory Birds Essay EBD while monitoring a complex amalgam of NT/Win2K PC and Linux based Solaris servers, MS SQL databases, and load balancers in a heavily redundant Web-centric environment while manning and morning by grieg maintaining the CA based company helpdesk. These processes required me to work independently as well as with departments company-wide to maintain a 98 uptime of all e-business systems. Responsible for loading, configuring and maintaining software on servers for all company environments to include: NT/Win2K and service packs, IIS 5.0, Allaire JRun, Commerce One MarketSite and EBD, and LDAP on Netscape Communicator server. Remotely managed the on Migratory Birds Essay, Production, QA, and Development servers via PCA and Citrix/WTS. Managed server load via load balancers using F5 software. Used SQL Query Analyzer to track XML documents.

Monitor system logs for by grieg, system, software, and document failures. Resolve issues with customer orders xCBL documents becoming stuck or lost in the system. Run SQL and Unix scripts as needed to update databases and upload site data. Used WinCVS software to track and roll new software releases and updates to the eScout site. Participated in the resolution of system outages/failures. Wayne. Added and managed buyers and sellers to the system. Composed careful documentation of new and evolving procedures. FileNET Corp., Arlington, KS.

Technical Consultant Ending Salary - 58K. Responsible for the installation, configuration, upgrading, maintenance, and troubleshooting of FileNET FN software products for new and existing FN customers from different industries covering a 3-state region on a number of different hardware and software platforms Win98, NT, AIX, HP-UX . Responsible for the installation, configuration, upgrading, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Oracle 7.x, 8.x and by grieg MS SQL 6.5, 7.0 databases used by FN products. Managed the resolution of multiple support incidents, including the scheduling and coordinating of installs and upgrades while giving attention to quality customer care. Worked closely with pre post sales staff as well as FN Response Center staff and other FN peers to The Effects of Climate Change on Migratory Birds Essay, achieve maximum customer satisfaction. By Grieg. Resolved customer issues by following established procedures but also used a combination of my skills in network operations, topology, protocols and hardware, as well as PC hardware, software and of the brain OS troubleshooting to cut to creative and by grieg innovative solutions. Acquired a working knowledge of AIX and HP-UX system administrator functions. Nataraja Essay. Achieved Certified Professional - Panagon Technician status.

Children s Trinity Hospital, Springfield, MO. Network Analyst Ending Salary - 43K. Lead analyst for morning, the planned migration of over 1200 Microsoft mail users to Microsoft Exchange with clients based in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express as well as web browser based access to mail, workflow and of the schedule information both internally and over the public Internet. Oversaw and maintained all aspects of a multiple-domain Exchange 5.5 implementation housed in multiple campus sites. On-going primary responsibility for management of the enterprise-wide messaging functions. Responsible for the administration, implementation, and maintenance of all networked devices in a large, multi-location network with over 2000 Windows, Windows NT and Windows 95 Workstations, 70 Windows NT Servers, 450 Printers running on 10/100 Ethernet as well as ATM, SONET and by grieg Wide-Area connections from ISDN to T-1. The Effects Change. Lead responsibility for morning by grieg, NT Systems administration system-wide. Participated in both design and implementation of 2 large, multi-story construction projects that included the first ATM/OC-3 Wide area network in gallery, Kansas City area Healthcare. Responsible for maintaining and morning administering the Enterprise-wide implementation of Symantec Anti-Virus server products deployed both on of the, NT servers and workstations. Worked with and led teams of contract personnel as part of a system-wide migration of over 1600 Windows for by grieg, Workgroups 486-class machines to Pentium class Windows NT Workstation. Participated as a key team member in the design of wayne gretzky points per game a new support response system resulting in by grieg, quicker turnaround of end-user support issues as well as more coordination between operations and of the peace technical staff.

Trained new and by grieg existing analysts and operations staff in the ident gallery, messaging migration, server daily operations, and server administration. Participated as a key member of the Internet connection team that oversaw web-servers for 5 domains and morning maintained firewall and proxy connections through multiple servers. Researched, designed, built and installed a computer based video-conferencing system to allow bone marrow transplant patients to communicate with family members at home from their isolation rooms. Implemented a large, multi-media digital imaging system to allow clinic personnel to remotely provide second opinions on injuries via dial up and ISDN. First Missouri Bank, Kansas City, MO. Systems Analyst Ending Salary - 38K.

Responsible for Desktop and of Climate Change on Migratory Birds server hardware software maintenance in morning by grieg, a Banyan Vines environment running on a Token Ring backbone with over 1200 Windows 3.1 and 95 clients connected to multiple hosts on IBM 390, AS/400, Tandem, Windows NT, and wayne gretzky points Novell Servers. Administrated maintained various Novell LANs within the morning, campus-wide network and throughout Kansas, Missouri and Colorado. Participated as a key member of the team that implemented the WAN rollout across the 3 state region. Worked with both contract and permanent staff to implement workstation migrations and rollouts of new hardware, software and networking solutions. Participated in the upgrade of networking protocols to Banyan Vines IP. Training and Certification. FileNET Certified Professional - Panagon Technician. Designing a Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure - Course # 1561A Updating Support Skills from gretzky points per game, Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000 - Course # 1560A Microsoft Windows NT Core Technologies - Course # 922 Microsoft Windows NT Administration - Course # 803 Microsoft Windows NT Enterprise Technologies - Course # 689 Microsoft Exchange 5.0 Multi-site and Internet Environments Microsoft Exchange 5.0 Server Core Technologies Microsoft Networking Essentials - Course # 578 Supporting Microsoft Windows 95 - Course # 798. Novell v3.11 System Manager - Course # 809.

1986-1989 Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg, MO. Associates Degree in Electricity/Electronics within 10 hours of BS. 1982-1986 U.S.A. Air Force. Maintained environmental and power systems for the Minute Man II missile. Family. Morning By Grieg. Church. Teaching, performing and recording music. Running. The Effects On Migratory Essay. Reading.

Excellent references furnished upon request. To obtain a position in which to utilize and further develop my extensive skill base of morning systems architecture/engineering, networking, and security (forensics, PKI, intrusion detection and analysis, planning and architecture) knowledge, while being a valuable team member. November 2001 May 2002. Westcare Health systems. Security Design and Arcitecture. Overviewed and Nataraja of Shiva developed security plans. Reviewed system and network architecture, assessed risks and made changes where necessary.

HIPAA security requirement testing and morning evaluation Provided security and PKI training and assessments. Gretzky Points Per Game. Disaster recovery planning and architecture. Oct 2000 June 2001. First Bank Of California, Los Angeles, CA. E-integrator systems/network security. Responsible for over seeing and by grieg evaluating new ideas coming from business units. Oversaw and aided in the development and deployment of a bank wide SSO infrastructure. Worked with key personnel in the technology department to get test servers, test time, and any other necessary sign offs.

Oversaw each project to day the, provide feedback and by grieg a detailed security risks and of Shiva assessment of morning by grieg each project as it pertained to the banks rules. Provided training on Nataraja Essay, PKI and how it can benefit the bank in its future endeavors to employees and bank executives. Jan 1999 Oct 2000. ZYRNEC Systems, Inc., San Bernardino, CA. Sr. Network Security Engineer. Project lead for morning by grieg, many projects worldwide designing and implementing networks and security architectures for an international client base.

Designed and day the world ended implemented VPN solutions, and PKI environments. Designed and implemented networks with Cisco routers, switches, PIX firewall, Radguard VPN routers, Windows 2000 networks, Exchange 5.5, SMS, Windows NT Server 4.0, Sun Solaris 8.0 Sparc and Intel versions, Red Hat Linux 6.2. Did network integration/design/architecture, and network security assessments for a worldwide client base. June 1998 January 1999., Inc., San Jose, CA. Sr. Network Security Engineer.

Project lead for by grieg, all MIS, Production Security, and network design environments. Designed the production network to be more efficient, and made a more pleasing user environment for Change Birds Essay, the client base. Installed a Cisco PIX for firewall security and morning by grieg used Foundry Server Irons for load balancing a web server farm. Designed the current architecture built around higher up-times and more traffic using larger switches, routers and breach of the definition implementing load balancing for morning by grieg, the web server farms. Definition. Offered redundancy for all points of failure within the network. IIS tuning and IIS Metabase tuning. Security and Architecture related contracts. Systems architecture, Network/System Security.

Planned, staged, and morning integrated PKI environments in to two major US based financial institutions. Developed Security related documents and of Shiva PKI documents company wide to morning, many organizations. Worked with networks ranging in size (10 to 1000+ nodes). Provided a broad base of gretzky points security related training to technical and executive personnel. By Grieg. Use and maintenance of an ACE server, and smart card use, distribution, and customization. Redevelopment of systems architecture and The Effects of Climate Birds internal WAN infrastructure to make for a more secure operating environment. Developed, staged, and integrated network and morning by grieg system architectures in world ended, 3 different countries. Implemented and designed networks with IPSEC, and Kerberos authentication. Secured a major financial institution networks from morning by grieg, Internet or internal attacks by breach definition designing a security structure for their stock traders, the largest group of by grieg traders in North America.

Secured critical data and ended money passing through networks implementing secure DMZ zones for data processing, router tunneling and morning VPNs between traders and The Effects Change on Migratory vendors, and morning by grieg a very strict network security policy. Designed and implemented an international network, system, and security architecture for Essay, a large pharmaceutical corporation based in the Netherlands. Designed and staged a SSO environment based on Siteminder technology. Skills and Abilities. Extensive Experience in Systems Architecture/Engineering and Systems/Network Security realm. Windows NT/2000 including migration and systems architecture and administration (AD, DNS, WINS, DHCP, Exchange). I have knowledge of UNIX and morning by grieg the UNIX based operating systems Solaris, Linux, IRIX, and world ended AIX. Expert level skills in by grieg, security related products such as Firewalls (FW1 Nokia), DMZs, VPNs (Radgaurd, VPNet, Cisco), PKI knowledge (Entrust Certified), IBM Websphere, network and breach of the peace definition system forensics, intrusion detection and analysis, and policy writing and enforcement. I have excellent management and by grieg IT business strategy skills and contacts.

Have 5+ years experience with System Design, Engineering, and Analysis. Load balancing equipment F5, and Foundry Server Iron install and configuration. Conversant with BIND 4 and Nataraja of Shiva 8, NFS, NIS/NIS+, sendmail, postfix, Apache Webserver, iPlanet Webserver, Veritas Volume Manager, Solstice DiskSuite, Legato Networker, ClearCase, Samba, and more. Education Specialized Training. Entrust PKI certified installation and integration specialist, e-commerce specialist Microsoft Certified Professional #1912102 Extensive training certification track in Security, Audit, Control, on MS based networks and Network Systems Forensics multi platform.


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alone essay As featured on National Public Radio, The New York Times, and in by grieg, other major media, we offer this sold-out, much-discussed Journal of Democracy article by breach of the definition, Robert Putnam, Bowling Alone. Morning. The Journal of Democracy is at present scheduled to go online in full text in breach peace, the third year of Project Muse (1997). You can also find information at DemocracyNet about the Journal of Democracy and morning, its sponsor, the National Endowment for Democracy. Bowling Alone: America's Declining Social Capital. Many students of the new democracies that have emerged over the past decade and a half have emphasized the importance of a strong and wayne gretzky points, active civil society to the consolidation of democracy. Especially with regard to the postcommunist countries, scholars and democratic activists alike have lamented the absence or obliteration of traditions of independent civic engagement and a widespread tendency toward passive reliance on the state. To those concerned with the weakness of civil societies in the developing or postcommunist world, the advanced Western democracies and morning by grieg, above all the United States have typically been taken as models to be emulated. There is striking evidence, however, that the vibrancy of American civil society has notably declined over the past several decades. Breach Of The Definition. Ever since the publication of Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America , the United States has played a central role in systematic studies of the links between democracy and civil society. Although this is in part because trends in American life are often regarded as harbingers of social modernization, it is also because America has traditionally been considered unusually civic (a reputation that, as we shall later see, has not been entirely unjustified). When Tocqueville visited the United States in the 1830s, it was the Americans' propensity for civic association that most impressed him as the key to their unprecedented ability to make democracy work.

Americans of by grieg, all ages, all stations in Nataraja of Shiva Essay, life, and all types of disposition, [End Page 65] he observed, are forever forming associations. By Grieg. There are not only commercial and industrial associations in which all take part, but others of a thousand different types--religious, moral, serious, futile, very general and very limited, immensely large and very minute. . . . Nothing, in my view, deserves more attention than the intellectual and moral associations in day the world, America. 1. Recently, American social scientists of a neo-Tocquevillean bent have unearthed a wide range of empirical evidence that the quality of public life and by grieg, the performance of social institutions (and not only in the ident gallery, America) are indeed powerfully influenced by norms and networks of morning, civic engagement. Researchers in brain, such fields as education, urban poverty, unemployment, the control of crime and drug abuse, and even health have discovered that successful outcomes are more likely in civically engaged communities. Similarly, research on the varying economic attainments of by grieg, different ethnic groups in the United States has demonstrated the importance of social bonds within each group. These results are consistent with research in a wide range of settings that demonstrates the vital importance of social networks for job placement and many other economic outcomes. Meanwhile, a seemingly unrelated body of research on the sociology of economic development has also focused attention on the role of social networks. Some of this work is situated in the developing countries, and some of it elucidates the ended peculiarly successful network capitalism of East Asia. 2 Even in less exotic Western economies, however, researchers have discovered highly efficient, highly flexible industrial districts based on networks of morning by grieg, collaboration among workers and small entrepreneurs. Day The Ended. Far from being paleoindustrial anachronisms, these dense interpersonal and interorganizational networks undergird ultramodern industries, from the high tech of Silicon Valley to the high fashion of by grieg, Benetton.

The norms and networks of civic engagement also powerfully affect the performance of representative government. That, at least, was the central conclusion of my own 20-year, quasi-experimental study of subnational governments in different regions of Italy. 3 Although all these regional governments seemed identical on of the, paper, their levels of effectiveness varied dramatically. Systematic inquiry showed that the quality of governance was determined by longstanding traditions of civic engagement (or its absence). Voter turnout, newspaper readership, membership in choral societies and football clubs--these were the hallmarks of a successful region. In fact, historical analysis suggested that these networks of organized reciprocity and civic solidarity, far from being an epiphenomenon of socioeconomic modernization, were a precondition for it. No doubt the morning by grieg mechanisms through which civic engagement and social connectedness produce such results--better schools, faster economic [End Page 66] development, lower crime, and more effective government--are multiple and complex.

While these briefly recounted findings require further confirmation and perhaps qualification, the parallels across hundreds of empirical studies in a dozen disparate disciplines and subfields are striking. Social scientists in several fields have recently suggested a common framework for understanding these phenomena, a framework that rests on the concept of points, social capital . 4 By analogy with notions of physical capital and human capital--tools and morning by grieg, training that enhance individual productivity--social capital refers to features of day the world ended, social organization such as networks, norms, and morning, social trust that facilitate coordination and cooperation for mutual benefit. For a variety of reasons, life is easier in a community blessed with a substantial stock of social capital. In the first place, networks of civic engagement foster sturdy norms of generalized reciprocity and laterization of the, encourage the emergence of social trust. Such networks facilitate coordination and communication, amplify reputations, and thus allow dilemmas of collective action to be resolved. When economic and political negotiation is embedded in dense networks of social interaction, incentives for opportunism are reduced. At the same time, networks of civic engagement embody past success at by grieg collaboration, which can serve as a cultural template for future collaboration. Finally, dense networks of interaction probably broaden the participants' sense of self, developing the I into the we, or (in the language of wayne gretzky points per game, rational-choice theorists) enhancing the participants' taste for collective benefits.

I do not intend here to survey (much less contribute to) the development of the theory of social capital. By Grieg. Instead, I use the central premise of that rapidly growing body of work--that social connections and civic engagement pervasively influence our public life, as well as our private prospects--as the starting point for day the world an empirical survey of morning by grieg, trends in social capital in contemporary America. I concentrate here entirely on the American case, although the developments I portray may in Essay, some measure characterize many contemporary societies. Whatever Happened to by grieg, Civic Engagement? We begin with familiar evidence on changing patterns of political participation, not least because it is of Shiva, immediately relevant to by grieg, issues of democracy in the narrow sense.

Consider the well-known decline in wayne gretzky, turnout in national elections over morning by grieg the last three decades. From a relative high point in the early 1960s, voter turnout had by 1990 declined by wayne gretzky per game, nearly a quarter; tens of millions of by grieg, Americans had forsaken their parents' habitual readiness to engage in the simplest act of citizenship. Broadly similar trends also characterize participation in state and day the world, local elections. It is not just the voting booth that has been increasingly deserted by by grieg, [End Page 67] Americans. A series of identical questions posed by the Roper Organization to wayne points, national samples ten times each year over the last two decades reveals that since 1973 the number of Americans who report that in the past year they have attended a public meeting on town or school affairs has fallen by more than a third (from 22 percent in 1973 to 13 percent in 1993).

Similar (or even greater) relative declines are evident in responses to questions about morning attending a political rally or speech, serving on a committee of some local organization, and working for a political party. By almost every measure, Americans' direct engagement in politics and government has fallen steadily and The Effects of Climate Change on Migratory, sharply over the last generation, despite the fact that average levels of education--the best individual-level predictor of morning, political participation--have risen sharply throughout this period. Every year over the last decade or two, millions more have withdrawn from the affairs of their communities. The Ident. Not coincidentally, Americans have also disengaged psychologically from politics and government over this era. The proportion of Americans who reply that they trust the government in Washington only some of the time or almost never has risen steadily from 30 percent in 1966 to 75 percent in morning by grieg, 1992. These trends are well known, of course, and taken by themselves would seem amenable to a strictly political explanation. Perhaps the long litany of breach of the peace, political tragedies and scandals since the 1960s (assassinations, Vietnam, Watergate, Irangate, and so on) has triggered an understandable disgust for by grieg politics and wayne points per game, government among Americans, and that in morning by grieg, turn has motivated their withdrawal. Ended. I do not doubt that this common interpretation has some merit, but its limitations become plain when we examine trends in civic engagement of morning by grieg, a wider sort.

Our survey of organizational membership among Americans can usefully begin with a glance at the aggregate results of the General Social Survey, a scientifically conducted, national-sample survey that has been repeated 14 times over the last two decades. Church-related groups constitute the most common type of organization joined by Americans; they are especially popular with women. Other types of organizations frequently joined by women include school-service groups (mostly parent-teacher associations), sports groups, professional societies, and literary societies. Among men, sports clubs, labor unions, professional societies, fraternal groups, veterans' groups, and service clubs are all relatively popular. Religious affiliation is by of Shiva Essay, far the most common associational [End Page 68] membership among Americans. Indeed, by many measures America continues to be (even more than in by grieg, Tocqueville's time) an astonishingly churched society. Wayne Gretzky Per Game. For example, the United States has more houses of worship per by grieg capita than any other nation on Earth. Wayne Gretzky Points. Yet religious sentiment in America seems to be becoming somewhat less tied to morning, institutions and breach, more self-defined. How have these complex crosscurrents played out over the last three or four decades in morning by grieg, terms of Americans' engagement with organized religion? The general pattern is clear: The 1960s witnessed a significant drop in reported weekly churchgoing--from roughly 48 percent in the late 1950s to roughly 41 percent in Essay, the early 1970s.

Since then, it has stagnated or (according to some surveys) declined still further. Meanwhile, data from the General Social Survey show a modest decline in membership in all church-related groups over the last 20 years. It would seem, then, that net participation by Americans, both in religious services and in church-related groups, has declined modestly (by perhaps a sixth) since the 1960s. For many years, labor unions provided one of the most common organizational affiliations among American workers. Yet union membership has been falling for nearly four decades, with the steepest decline occurring between 1975 and 1985. Since the mid-1950s, when union membership peaked, the unionized portion of the nonagricultural work force in America has dropped by more than half, falling from 32.5 percent in 1953 to 15.8 percent in 1992. By now, virtually all of the explosive growth in union membership that was associated with the New Deal has been erased. The solidarity of union halls is now mostly a fading memory of aging men.

5. By Grieg. The parent-teacher association (PTA) has been an day the world ended especially important form of civic engagement in twentieth-century America because parental involvement in morning, the educational process represents a particularly productive form of social capital. Ended. It is, therefore, dismaying to by grieg, discover that participation in parent-teacher organizations has dropped drastically over day the ended the last generation, from more than 12 million in 1964 to barely 5 million in by grieg, 1982 before recovering to approximately 7 million now. Next, we turn to evidence on membership in (and volunteering for) civic and fraternal organizations. These data show some striking patterns. First, membership in traditional women's groups has declined more or less steadily since the mid-1960s. For example, membership in the national Federation of breach of the definition, Women's Clubs is down by more than half (59 percent) since 1964, while membership in the League of Women Voters (LWV) is off 42 percent since 1969. 6. Similar reductions are apparent in the numbers of volunteers for morning mainline civic organizations, such as the Boy Scouts (off by 26 percent since 1970) and the Red Cross (off by 61 percent since 1970). But what about the possibility that volunteers have simply switched their loyalties [End Page 69] to other organizations?

Evidence on the ident gallery, regular (as opposed to occasional or drop-by) volunteering is available from the Labor Department's Current Population Surveys of morning, 1974 and 1989. These estimates suggest that serious volunteering declined by roughly one-sixth over these 15 years, from 24 percent of breach peace definition, adults in morning, 1974 to 20 percent in the ident gallery, 1989. The multitudes of Red Cross aides and by grieg, Boy Scout troop leaders now missing in action have apparently not been offset by equal numbers of new recruits elsewhere. Fraternal organizations have also witnessed a substantial drop in membership during the 1980s and 1990s. Membership is down significantly in such groups as the Lions (off 12 percent since 1983), the Elks (off 18 percent since 1979), the Shriners (off 27 percent since 1979), the Jaycees (off 44 percent since 1979), and the Masons (down 39 percent since 1959).

In sum, after expanding steadily throughout most of this century, many major civic organizations have experienced a sudden, substantial, and nearly simultaneous decline in membership over laterization the last decade or two. The most whimsical yet discomfiting bit of by grieg, evidence of social disengagement in contemporary America that I have discovered is this: more Americans are bowling today than ever before, but bowling in definition, organized leagues has plummeted in the last decade or so. Morning. Between 1980 and 1993 the total number of bowlers in America increased by 10 percent, while league bowling decreased by 40 percent. (Lest this be thought a wholly trivial example, I should note that nearly 80 million Americans went bowling at least once during 1993, nearly a third more than voted in the 1994 congressional elections and the ident, roughly the same number as claim to attend church regularly. Even after the 1980s' plunge in league bowling, nearly 3 percent of American adults regularly bowl in morning by grieg, leagues.) The rise of solo bowling threatens the livelihood of bowling-lane proprietors because those who bowl as members of world ended, leagues consume three times as much beer and by grieg, pizza as solo bowlers, and the money in bowling is in the beer and pizza, not the balls and of Climate on Migratory Birds, shoes. The broader social significance, however, lies in the social interaction and morning, even occasionally civic conversations over beer and pizza that solo bowlers forgo. Whether or not bowling beats balloting in the eyes of most Americans, bowling teams illustrate yet another vanishing form of social capital. At this point, however, we must confront a serious counterargument.

Perhaps the traditional forms of civic organization whose decay we have been tracing have been replaced by vibrant new organizations. For example, national environmental organizations (like the Sierra Club) and feminist groups (like the National Organization for Women) grew rapidly [End Page 70] during the 1970s and world ended, 1980s and now count hundreds of thousands of dues-paying members. By Grieg. An even more dramatic example is the American Association of the ident gallery, Retired Persons (AARP), which grew exponentially from 400,000 card-carrying members in morning by grieg, 1960 to 33 million in 1993, becoming (after the wayne points per game Catholic Church) the largest private organization in the world. The national administrators of these organizations are among the by grieg most feared lobbyists in Washington, in large part because of their massive mailing lists of presumably loyal members. These new mass-membership organizations are plainly of wayne gretzky points per game, great political importance. From the point of morning, view of social connectedness, however, they are sufficiently different from classic secondary associations that we need to laterization brain, invent a new label--perhaps tertiary associations. For the vast majority of their members, the only act of by grieg, membership consists in writing a check for dues or perhaps occasionally reading a newsletter. Few ever attend any meetings of such organizations, and most are unlikely ever (knowingly) to encounter any other member.

The bond between any two members of the Sierra Club is wayne gretzky, less like the bond between any two members of a gardening club and more like the bond between any two Red Sox fans (or perhaps any two devoted Honda owners): they root for the same team and they share some of the same interests, but they are unaware of morning, each other's existence. Their ties, in short, are to common symbols, common leaders, and laterization of the, perhaps common ideals, but not to one another. The theory of social capital argues that associational membership should, for morning example, increase social trust, but this prediction is much less straightforward with regard to membership in tertiary associations. From the point of view of social connectedness, the Environmental Defense Fund and a bowling league are just not in the same category. If the the ident growth of morning by grieg, tertiary organizations represents one potential (but probably not real) counterexample to my thesis, a second countertrend is represented by the growing prominence of nonprofit organizations, especially nonprofit service agencies. This so-called third sector includes everything from Oxfam and the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Ford Foundation and the Mayo Clinic. In other words, although most secondary associations are nonprofits, most nonprofit agencies are not secondary associations. Wayne Gretzky. To identify trends in the size of the nonprofit sector with trends in social connectedness would be another fundamental conceptual mistake. 7. A third potential countertrend is much more relevant to an assessment of social capital and civic engagement. Morning. Some able researchers have argued that the Nataraja of Shiva Essay last few decades have witnessed a rapid expansion in by grieg, support groups of various sorts.

Robert Wuthnow reports that fully 40 percent of all Americans claim to be currently involved in [a] small group that meets regularly and provides support or caring for wayne points per game those who participate in it. 8 Many of these groups are religiously affiliated, but [End Page 71] many others are not. For example, nearly 5 percent of Wuthnow's national sample claim to participate regularly in a self-help group, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, and nearly as many say they belong to book-discussion groups and hobby clubs. The groups described by Wuthnow's respondents unquestionably represent an important form of social capital, and they need to be accounted for in any serious reckoning of trends in social connectedness. On the other hand, they do not typically play the same role as traditional civic associations. As Wuthnow emphasizes, Small groups may not be fostering community as effectively as many of their proponents would like. Some small groups merely provide occasions for individuals to focus on themselves in morning, the presence of others. Gallery. The social contract binding members together asserts only the weakest of obligations.

Come if you have time. Talk if you feel like it. Respect everyone's opinion. Never criticize. Leave quietly if you become dissatisfied. . . . We can imagine that [these small groups] really substitute for families, neighborhoods, and by grieg, broader community attachments that may demand lifelong commitments, when, in fact, they do not.

9. All three of these potential countertrends--tertiary organizations, nonprofit organizations, and support groups--need somehow to be weighed against the erosion of conventional civic organizations. One way of doing so is to of Shiva Essay, consult the General Social Survey. Within all educational categories, total associational membership declined significantly between 1967 and 1993. Among the college-educated, the average number of group memberships per person fell from 2.8 to 2.0 (a 26-percent decline); among high-school graduates, the number fell from 1.8 to morning, 1.2 (32 percent); and among those with fewer than 12 years of education, the number fell from 1.4 to 1.1 (25 percent). In other words, at all educational (and hence social) levels of American society, and counting all sorts of group memberships, the average number of associational memberships has fallen by world ended, about a fourth over the last quarter-century. Without controls for educational levels, the by grieg trend is not nearly so clear, but the central point is this: more Americans than ever before are in social circumstances that foster associational involvement (higher education, middle age, and so on), but nevertheless aggregate associational membership appears to be stagnant or declining . Broken down by breach of the peace definition, type of group, the downward trend is most marked for church-related groups, for labor unions, for fraternal and morning by grieg, veterans' organizations, and for school-service groups. Conversely, membership in professional associations has risen over wayne gretzky points these years, although less than might have been predicted, given sharply rising educational and occupational levels.

Essentially the same trends are evident for both men and women in the sample. By Grieg. In short, the available survey evidence [End Page 72] confirms our earlier conclusion: American social capital in the form of civic associations has significantly eroded over the last generation. Good Neighborliness and Social Trust. I noted earlier that most readily available quantitative evidence on trends in social connectedness involves formal settings, such as the breach definition voting booth, the union hall, or the PTA. One glaring exception is so widely discussed as to morning, require little comment here: the most fundamental form of social capital is the family, and the massive evidence of the loosening of bonds within the family (both extended and nuclear) is well known. This trend, of course, is quite consistent with--and may help to gallery, explain--our theme of social decapitalization. A second aspect of informal social capital on which we happen to have reasonably reliable time-series data involves neighborliness.

In each General Social Survey since 1974 respondents have been asked, How often do you spend a social evening with a neighbor? The proportion of Americans who socialize with their neighbors more than once a year has slowly but steadily declined over the last two decades, from 72 percent in 1974 to 61 percent in 1993. (On the morning other hand, socializing with friends who do not live in your neighborhood appears to be on The Effects Birds, the increase, a trend that may reflect the growth of workplace-based social connections.) Americans are also less trusting. The proportion of Americans saying that most people can be trusted fell by morning, more than a third between 1960, when 58 percent chose that alternative, and 1993, when only 37 percent did. The same trend is apparent in all educational groups; indeed, because social trust is also correlated with education and because educational levels have risen sharply, the overall decrease in social trust is even more apparent if we control for day the world education. Our discussion of trends in social connectedness and civic engagement has tacitly assumed that all the forms of social capital that we have discussed are themselves coherently correlated across individuals. This is in fact true. Members of associations are much more likely than nonmembers to participate in politics, to spend time with neighbors, to express social trust, and so on. The close correlation between social trust and associational membership is morning, true not only across time and across individuals, but also across countries. Evidence from the 1991 World Values Survey demonstrates the the ident gallery following: 10 Across the 35 countries in this survey, social trust and civic engagement are strongly correlated; the greater the density of associational membership in a society, the more trusting its citizens. Trust and engagement are two facets of the same underlying factor--social capital. [End Page 73] America still ranks relatively high by morning by grieg, cross-national standards on both these dimensions of the ident, social capital.

Even in the 1990s, after several decades' erosion, Americans are more trusting and morning, more engaged than people in most other countries of the the ident world. The trends of the past quarter-century, however, have apparently moved the United States significantly lower in the international rankings of social capital. The recent deterioration in American social capital has been sufficiently great that (if no other country changed its position in morning by grieg, the meantime) another quarter-century of change at the same rate would bring the United States, roughly speaking, to the midpoint among all these countries, roughly equivalent to South Korea, Belgium, or Estonia today. Two generations' decline at of the peace the same rate would leave the United States at the level of today's Chile, Portugal, and Slovenia. As we have seen, something has happened in America in the last two or three decades to diminish civic engagement and social connectedness. What could that something be? Here are several possible explanations, along with some initial evidence on by grieg, each. Of Shiva Essay. The movement of women into the labor force . Over these same two or three decades, many millions of by grieg, American women have moved out of the home into paid employment.

This is the primary, though not the of Climate on Migratory sole, reason why the weekly working hours of the average American have increased significantly during these years. It seems highly plausible that this social revolution should have reduced the by grieg time and energy available for breach of the peace definition building social capital. For certain organizations, such as the PTA, the League of Women Voters, the Federation of morning, Women's Clubs, and of Climate Change on Migratory Birds Essay, the Red Cross, this is almost certainly an important part of the story. The sharpest decline in women's civic participation seems to have come in the 1970s; membership in such women's organizations as these has been virtually halved since the late 1960s. By contrast, most of the decline in by grieg, participation in men's organizations occurred about ten years later; the total decline to date has been approximately 25 percent for the typical organization. On the other hand, the survey data imply that the aggregate declines for laterization brain men are virtually as great as those for women. It is logically possible, of course, that the male declines might represent the knock-on effect of women's liberation, as dishwashing crowded out the lodge, but time-budget studies suggest that most husbands of working wives have assumed only a minor part of the housework.

In short, something besides the women's revolution seems to lie behind the erosion of social capital. Mobility: The re-potting hypothesis . Numerous studies of morning by grieg, organizational involvement have shown that residential stability and The Effects of Climate Change Birds, such related phenomena as homeownership are clearly associated with greater [End Page 74] civic engagement. Mobility, like frequent re-potting of plants, tends to disrupt root systems, and it takes time for an uprooted individual to put down new roots. It seems plausible that the automobile, suburbanization, and the movement to the Sun Belt have reduced the social rootedness of the average American, but one fundamental difficulty with this hypothesis is apparent: the best evidence shows that residential stability and homeownership in America have risen modestly since 1965, and are surely higher now than during the 1950s, when civic engagement and social connectedness by our measures was definitely higher. Other demographic transformations . A range of additional changes have transformed the American family since the 1960s--fewer marriages, more divorces, fewer children, lower real wages, and so on. Each of these changes might account for some of the by grieg slackening of civic engagement, since married, middle-class parents are generally more socially involved than other people. Moreover, the changes in of the, scale that have swept over the American economy in morning, these years--illustrated by the replacement of the corner grocery by the supermarket and now perhaps of the supermarket by electronic shopping at home, or the replacement of community-based enterprises by outposts of distant multinational firms--may perhaps have undermined the material and even physical basis for civic engagement. The technological transformation of Change Birds, leisure . There is reason to by grieg, believe that deep-seated technological trends are radically privatizing or individualizing our use of leisure time and thus disrupting many opportunities for social-capital formation.

The most obvious and probably the most powerful instrument of this revolution is television. Time-budget studies in day the, the 1960s showed that the growth in time spent watching television dwarfed all other changes in the way Americans passed their days and nights. Television has made our communities (or, rather, what we experience as our communities) wider and shallower. In the language of by grieg, economics, electronic technology enables individual tastes to be satisfied more fully, but at the cost of the laterization brain positive social externalities associated with more primitive forms of morning, entertainment. The same logic applies to the replacement of vaudeville by the movies and now of of Shiva, movies by the VCR. The new virtual reality helmets that we will soon don to be entertained in total isolation are merely the morning by grieg latest extension of this trend. Is technology thus driving a wedge between our individual interests and our collective interests?

It is a question that seems worth exploring more systematically. The last refuge of per game, a social-scientific scoundrel is to morning, call for more research. Nevertheless, I cannot forbear from suggesting some further lines of inquiry. [End Page 75] We must sort out the dimensions of social capital, which clearly is gretzky points, not a unidimensional concept, despite language (even in this essay) that implies the contrary. What types of organizations and networks most effectively embody--or generate--social capital, in the sense of mutual reciprocity, the resolution of dilemmas of collective action, and by grieg, the broadening of social identities? In this essay I have emphasized the density of associational life. In earlier work I stressed the structure of networks, arguing that horizontal ties represented more productive social capital than vertical ties. 11. Of Shiva Essay. Another set of important issues involves macrosociological crosscurrents that might intersect with the trends described here.

What will be the impact, for example, of electronic networks on social capital? My hunch is that meeting in an electronic forum is not the equivalent of meeting in a bowling alley--or even in a saloon--but hard empirical research is needed. What about the development of by grieg, social capital in Nataraja of Shiva, the workplace? Is it growing in counterpoint to the decline of civic engagement, reflecting some social analogue of the first law of thermodynamics--social capital is neither created nor destroyed, merely redistributed? Or do the morning trends described in gretzky per game, this essay represent a deadweight loss? A rounded assessment of changes in American social capital over the last quarter-century needs to count the costs as well as the morning benefits of community engagement. We must not romanticize small-town, middle-class civic life in the America of the 1950s. In addition to of Climate Change Birds Essay, the deleterious trends emphasized in this essay, recent decades have witnessed a substantial decline in intolerance and probably also in overt discrimination, and those beneficent trends may be related in complex ways to the erosion of traditional social capital.

Moreover, a balanced accounting of the morning by grieg social-capital books would need to gallery, reconcile the insights of this approach with the morning undoubted insights offered by ended, Mancur Olson and morning, others who stress that closely knit social, economic, and political organizations are prone to inefficient cartelization and to what political economists term rent seeking and ordinary men and women call corruption. 12. Finally, and perhaps most urgently, we need to explore creatively how public policy impinges on (or might impinge on) social-capital formation. In some well-known instances, public policy has destroyed highly effective social networks and norms. American slum-clearance policy of the 1950s and 1960s, for example, renovated physical capital, [End Page 76] but at a very high cost to existing social capital. The consolidation of country post offices and small school districts has promised administrative and gretzky points, financial efficiencies, but full-cost accounting for the effects of these policies on social capital might produce a more negative verdict.

On the other hand, such past initiatives as the morning county agricultural-agent system, community colleges, and tax deductions for charitable contributions illustrate that government can encourage social-capital formation. Even a recent proposal in San Luis Obispo, California, to day the world, require that all new houses have front porches illustrates the power of government to influence where and how networks are formed. The concept of civil society has played a central role in the recent global debate about the preconditions for democracy and democratization. In the newer democracies this phrase has properly focused attention on the need to foster a vibrant civic life in by grieg, soils traditionally inhospitable to self-government. In the established democracies, ironically, growing numbers of citizens are questioning the effectiveness of their public institutions at the very moment when liberal democracy has swept the battlefield, both ideologically and geopolitically. The Ident Gallery. In America, at least, there is reason to suspect that this democratic disarray may be linked to a broad and continuing erosion of civic engagement that began a quarter-century ago. High on our scholarly agenda should be the question of whether a comparable erosion of social capital may be under way in other advanced democracies, perhaps in different institutional and behavioral guises. High on America's agenda should be the question of how to reverse these adverse trends in social connectedness, thus restoring civic engagement and civic trust. Morning By Grieg. Robert D. Putnam is Dillon Professor of breach of the, International Affairs and director of the Center for International Affairs at morning by grieg Harvard University. His most recent books are Double-Edged Diplomacy: International Bargaining and Domestic Politics (1993) and world ended, Making Democracy Work: Civic Traditions in morning, Modern Italy (1993), which is reviewed elsewhere in this issue. Nataraja Of Shiva Essay. He is now completing a study of the revitalization of American democracy.

Commentary and writings on related topics: Nicholas Lemann, Kicking in Groups, The Atlantic Monthly (April 1996). Morning By Grieg. Mary Ann Zehr, Getting Involved in of Climate on Migratory Birds Essay, Civic Life, Foundation News and Commentary (May/June 1996). The Foundation News and Commentary is a publication of by grieg, The Council on Foundations. 1. Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in Nataraja of Shiva Essay, America , ed. J.P. Maier, trans. George Lawrence (Garden City, N.Y.: Anchor Books, 1969), 513-17.

2. By Grieg. On social networks and economic growth in the developing world, see Milton J. Esman and Norman Uphoff, Local Organizations: Intermediaries in Rural Development (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1984), esp. 15-42 and laterization brain, 99-180; and Albert O. Hirschman, Getting Ahead Collectively: Grassroots Experiences in Latin America (Elmsford, N.Y.: Pergamon Press, 1984), esp. 42-77. On East Asia, see Gustav Papanek, The New Asian Capitalism: An Economic Portrait, in Peter L. Berger and Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao, eds., In Search of an East Asian Development Model (New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction, 1987), 27-80; Peter B. By Grieg. Evans, The State as Problem and Solution: Predation, Embedded Autonomy and Structural Change, in Stephan Haggard and Robert R. Kaufman, eds., The Politics of Economic Adjustment (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1992), 139-81; and on Migratory Essay, Gary G. Hamilton, William Zeile, and Wan-Jin Kim, Network Structure of East Asian Economies, in Stewart R. Clegg and morning by grieg, S. Brain. Gordon Redding, eds., Capitalism in Contrasting Cultures (Hawthorne, N.Y.: De Gruyter, 1990), 105-29. See also Gary G. Hamilton and Nicole Woolsey Biggart, Market, Culture, and Authority: A Comparative Analysis of Management and Organization in the Far East, American Journal of Sociology (Supplement) 94 (1988): S52-S94; and morning by grieg, Susan Greenhalgh, Families and of Shiva Essay, Networks in Taiwan's Economic Development, in Edwin Winckler and Susan Greenhalgh, eds., Contending Approaches to the Political Economy of Taiwan (Armonk, N.Y.: M.E. Sharpe, 1987), 224-45. 3. Robert D. Putnam, Making Democracy Work: Civic Traditions in Modern Italy (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1993). Morning By Grieg. 4. James S. Coleman deserves primary credit for developing the social capital theoretical framework.

See his Social Capital in the Creation of Human Capital, American Journal of Sociology (Supplement) 94 (1988): S95-S120, as well as his The Foundations of Social Theory (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1990), 300-21. The Ident Gallery. See also Mark Granovetter, Economic Action and Social Structure: The Problem of Embeddedness, American Journal of Sociology 91 (1985): 481-510; Glenn C. Loury, Why Should We Care About Group Inequality? Social Philosophy and Policy 5 (1987): 249-71; and by grieg, Robert D. Putnam, The Prosperous Community: Social Capital and Public Life, American Prospect 13 (1993): 35-42. To my knowledge, the of the brain first scholar to use the term social capital in its current sense was Jane Jacobs, in morning, The Death and Life of Great American Cities (New York: Random House, 1961), 138. 5. Any simplistically political interpretation of the collapse of American unionism would need to confront the fact that the steepest decline began more than six years before the Nataraja of Shiva Essay Reagan administration's attack on PATCO. Data from the General Social Survey show a roughly 40-percent decline in reported union membership between 1975 and 1991. 6. Data for the LWV are available over a longer time span and show an interesting pattern: a sharp slump during the Depression, a strong and sustained rise after World War II that more than tripled membership between 1945 and 1969, and then the post-1969 decline, which has already erased virtually all the morning postwar gains and continues still. Laterization Of The Brain. This same historical pattern applies to those men's fraternal organizations for which comparable data are available--steady increases for the first seven decades of the century, interrupted only by the Great Depression, followed by a collapse in morning by grieg, the 1970s and 1980s that has already wiped out most of the postwar expansion and wayne gretzky, continues apace. 7. Cf. Morning. Lester M. Salamon, The Rise of the Nonprofit Sector, Foreign Affairs 73 (July-August 1994): 109-22. See also Salamon, Partners in Public Service: The Scope and the ident gallery, Theory of Government-Nonprofit Relations, in Walter W. Powell, ed., The Nonprofit Sector: A Research Handbook (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987), 99-117.

Salamon's empirical evidence does not sustain his broad claims about a global associational revolution comparable in significance to morning by grieg, the rise of the nation-state several centuries ago. 8. Day The World. Robert Wuthnow, Sharing the Journey: Support Groups and America's New Quest for Community (New York: The Free Press, 1994), 45. 10. Morning. I am grateful to Ronald Inglehart, who directs this unique cross-national project, for sharing these highly useful data with me. See his The Impact of laterization, Culture on morning by grieg, Economic Development: Theory, Hypotheses, and Some Empirical Tests (unpublished manuscript, University of Michigan, 1994). 11. See my Making Democracy Work , esp. Brain. ch.

6. 12. See Mancur Olson, The Rise and Decline of Nations: Economic Growth, Stagflation, and Social Rigidities (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1982), 2.

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essay on passivity Lillian Ferrari, Reading Group first meeting. Thursday, September 24, 2015. 8:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. LOCATION: Please contact Lillian Ferrari for the location. The True Imaginary: Constructing the Phantasm. Paula Hochman Vappereau, Foundations of Psychoanalysis. Friday, September 25, 2015. LOCATION: School of Visual Arts. 136 West 21st Street. Ask for the Room Number at by grieg the Front Desk.

Joyce Historical/Hysterical: The Know-how of Lalangue. Jean-Michel Vappereau, Workshop. Saturday, September 26, 2015. 10:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Sunday, September 27, 2015. 10:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. LOCATION: School of Visual Arts. 136 West 21st Street. Ask for the Room Number at the Front Desk. Daniel Heller-Roazen, Foundations of Psychoanalysis.

Friday, October 9, 2015. LOCATION: School of Visual Arts. 136 West 21st Street. Ask for the Room Number at the Front Desk. Savoir-faire and the Frame of the Cure, Part III. Paola Mieli, Seminar. Friday, October 16, 2015. LOCATION: School of of the peace definition, Visual Arts. 136 West 21st Street.

Ask for the Room Number at the Front Desk. Savoir-faire and the Frame of the Cure, Part III. Paola Mieli, Seminar. Friday, November 13, 2015. LOCATION: School of Visual Arts. 136 West 21st Street.

Ask for the Room Number at the Front Desk. Patrick Landman, Workshop. Saturday, December 5, 2015. 10:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. LOCATION: School of Visual Arts. 136 West 21st Street. Ask for the Room Number at the Front Desk. Savoir-faire and the Frame of the morning by grieg, Cure, Part III.

Paola Mieli, Seminar. Friday, December 11, 2015. LOCATION: School of Visual Arts. 136 West 21st Street. Ask for the Room Number at laterization of the brain the Front Desk. 2007 Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association. Activity versus passivity - Verhaeghe, Paul. Boston, Harvard University, 28 Oct. 99.

New York, Apres Coup, 6 Nov. 99. Activity versus passivity: beyond the question of by grieg, gender. It is breach well-known that Freuds first steps in the field of hysteria brought him the discovery of traumatism and the seduction by the father. Right from the morning, start, the question of gender and the relationship between man and woman is The Effects of Climate Change on Migratory Birds also one of his main worries, with a special accent on femininity. During the development of his work, he will produce several answers, but they will never be very satisfying. Different as they may be, there is one constancy in it.

Indeed, right to the end, Freud will stick to the idea that there is a certain equivalence: masculinity equals activity, femininity equals passivity. Morning By Grieg? E.g. the libido for him is active-masculine, meaning: phallic. He will stick to this idea even in his last papers, but at the same time, he is never satisfied with it because he feels that something doesnt fit. My thesis can be summarised in three points: the primary opposition is the one between activity and passivity; the opposition between man and woman is of the brain only one possible implementation of this primary opposition, the main one being the opposition between the subject and morning by grieg its own body; it is Nataraja of Shiva Essay this primary opposition that grounds the statement there is no sexual relationship In order to demonstrate my thesis, I will start with Freuds theory and continue with Lacans elaboration that Lacan gave to it.

Freuds Studies on Hysteria introduce us immediately into the heart of the matter. He presents us with a remarkable description of what he calls the morning, psychical material of hysteria. Based on his clinical experience, he concludes that this material is arranged around what he considers the nucleus in which the the ident, traumatic factor had culminated or the by grieg, pathogenic idea has founded its purest manifestation (SEII, 288). The aim of his hypnocathartic technique is to bring this nucleus back into consciousness and abreact it, but time and again, this fails. Freud has to conclude that the essential characteristic of this nucleus is precisely the fact that it can never be put into words, because the defence is such that the words for it are lacking forever (GW 1, 291-294).

He assumes that the basic aetiology of day the, hysteria goes back to a primary experience of anxiety that arises in the confrontation with something for which the psyche does not have an appropriate answer and by grieg leaves us with a lack in this respect. Quote: This first stage of breach of the definition, hysteria may be described as fright hysteria; its primary symptom is the morning, manifestation of fright accompanied by a gap in the psyche (Manuscript K, SEI, p.228). So, right from the start, we can already come to a kind of conclusion. The Effects Change Birds? This traumatic, fright -inducing nucleus that cannot be put into words, ex sists outside the Symbolic and must necessarily belong to the Real. As a consequence, it can only be approached by sideways, by morning its borders, meaning the of the, formations of the Unconscious, and that is precisely what Freud has done.

At the end of 1895, he sends a manuscript to morning Fliess in which we find a very good summary of his ideas at that time. Quote: Hysteria necessarily presupposes a primary experience of unpleasure that is, of a passive nature. The natural sexual passivity of laterization of the brain, women explains their being more inclined to hysteria (Draft K, SE1, p.228). We need to deconstruct this quote. Firstly, we have hysteria and passivity. This idea is a essential: the primal experience leading to hysteria is a passive one against which defence is only possible in a further development. Freud will extend this idea to hysteria in man and to obsessional neurosis as well. So, the proposition can be generalised: every psychoneurotic development starts with an unpleasurable traumatic experience of passivity.

Secondly, we have passivity and femininity, the natural sexual passivity of women. Freud is aware of the fact that something is wrong with this idea, and he will try to reformulate it several times during the later development of his work, but he will never find a satisfactory answer. Anyhow, he is certain about one thing: independently of the gender, every neurosis starts with a sexual trauma that is experienced in a passive way. The psyche cannot cope with it, reacts with anxiety and by grieg leaves us with a lack. From a lacanian point of view, this trauma can be understood as the lack of the Other, that is, that part of the Real that is excluded from the Symbolic. Of course, this idea of the the ident, Other is something that we add , but it can be argued from Freuds theory as well. If you are acquainted with his early writings, you will probably know that at that time he was convinced that most sexual traumata were caused by the father who seduced his child. Later on, he had to revoke this idea, but it is a mistake to morning by grieg think that it disappeared altogether from points, his work.

On the contrary even, it returns in by grieg, a very particular way and moreover, linked to the concept of passivity. On Migratory Birds Essay? In his Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality, Freud already mentions two forms of jouissance and these two forms can be interpreted with the activity-passivity polarity. The passive form refers to what the child has to morning undergo from the mother. Initially, every child is reduced to the passive object of the jouissance of the world ended, mother, she is the active party of the by grieg, two. The child itself wants to of Shiva Essay leave this passive position and exchange it for the active one, meaning the phallic position. Morning? Freud discovers this transition from passive to active firstly in the oral field, from day the ended, being suckled to active sucking (GW V, p.82-84), but later on, he will recognise this transition in every drive. As a result, he will consider this transition as one of the basic vicissitudes of the drive as such, meaning that there is always an active and a passive version to morning it (SE 14, p.126). Lacan will retake this idea even more generally by recognizing two versions of each partial drive: to see and to make oneself seen, to world ended hear, and to make oneself heard, to morning eat and to make oneself gobbled up etc.(sem.XI, Les quatre concepts, p.177 ff.; English version, The four fundamental etc., p.195 ff).

Twenty years later, when Freud is trying to elaborate the feminine version of the oedipal complex, he returns to his original seduction theory, albeit with an important correction. The Ident Gallery? Indeed, the study of the female Oedipus complex demonstrates that it is the mother, and morning not the father, who seduces the child, and this simply because of her way of handling the childs body during the mothering. The pampering process reduces the child to her object of jouissance, and it is first of all the mother who enjoys this process (GW. Of The Brain? XIV, 351 en GW XV, 128-29). Considered in this way, the morning by grieg, child functions as a plug, it fills the lack of the Other and provides this Other with jouissance. The very fact of being reduced to this position of passive object functions as a trauma for every subject. The paternal seduction comes later and is normally nothing but a defensive phantasmatic elaboration directed against this traumatic experience. Finally, Freud will stumble over this lack of the Other, or, to be more precise, he will stumble over his own interpretation of this lack. Indeed, for Freud, every lack has to be interpreted in terms of castration, with its two different expressions depending on wayne per game, the gender. For a masculine subject, it is castration anxiety as such, for a female subject, it is the penis envy. In his paper on Analysis terminable and interminable, he writes about a biological rock that he assumes to morning by grieg meet beyond the laterization of the, castration complex.

For him, this rock puts an end to all the therapeutical hope concerning the castration complex. As this means the impossible end of analysis, the reader usually stops his lecture of this paper at that point, but it is worthwhile to continue ones reading (GW XVI, 96-99). As a matter of fact, Freud discusses the idea of a general principle that finds a different expression depending on the gender in which it appears. By Grieg? To be sure, this principle concerns castration, but right from the start, Freud remarks that it expresses something else as well, I quote: ()from the start, repudiation of femininity would have been the correct description of this remarkable feature in the psychical life of human beings. (SE23, p.250). And in the very last paragraph of the paper, we read: The repudiation of femininity can be nothing else than a biological fact, a part of the great riddle of breach definition, sex. (SE 23, 252). Instead of rejecting these ideas as being totally obsolete and anti-feminist on top of that, again, it is much more rewarding to ask oneself the question what Freud understands with this signifier of femininity. If one studies the last pages of morning by grieg, his paper, the answer is laterization of the brain quite clear: femininity equals passivity, especially passivity towards an Other.

If one thinks this through, then this theory is not very surprising. The idea that a child has to by grieg liberate itself from the Nataraja, original symbiosis with his mother, that it has to fight for its autonomy, these ideas are already present in what I consider to be the Anglo-Saxon psychoanalytical psychology. The lacanian theory, at least in my interpretation, provides us with a different answer that will permit us to morning by grieg go beyond this two bodies-psychology. This part of the lacanian theory is to of the peace definition be found in what I consider to be the second Lacan, the one of the Real and morning the Jouissance. With the breach peace definition, first Lacan, everything is supposed to fall under the determination of the signifier, i.e. the Symbolic Order. This overdetermination enables us to make predictions (cfr the by grieg, seminar on the Purloined Letter) and to practice analysis. Most of wayne gretzky per game, you are probably familiar with the morning by grieg, keywords from that period: parole vide, parole pleine, la realisation symbolique (full speech, empty speech, the symbolic realisation) etc.

Well, in the first chapter of seminar eleven, Lacan introduces his audience to the idea of causality as something that lies outside this determinism. Ultimately, this cause is to be considered as un-determined, not subjected to Nataraja of Shiva Essay and even in opposition with the deterministic laws of the symbolic order. In the further lessons of seminar eleven, this in determination will be interpreted as the traumatic Real, that is to say, that part of the drive that resists to by grieg the process of symbolisation and that operates in a traumatic way for the subject. It is important to understand that this trauma takes place even before whatever intervention of the Other . Much later, in wayne gretzky points, his last seminars, Lacan will talk about the identification with the real part of the morning by grieg, symptom and this will enable him to open a new theory on the (in-)terminability of an analysis this is his theory on the sinthomme. So, from seminar XI onwards, the body takes a completely different place. Operating as a cause, it obliges the subject to a Real that escapes us , the Real that is situated beyond the automaton of the symbolic Order and that resists to its assimilation in this Symbolic Order. Considered from this point of view, the idea of causality implies the idea of a failure, of something that did not succeed, thereby leaving the place open for something else. It is at this point that I recognise the fundamental lack, Freuds nucleus of the unconscious.

For Lacan, the breach of the, body will operate through the drive as the cause for the Unconscious as such. It is important to understand that this new theory on causality is not introduced in an isolated way, on the contrary even. This new theory enables Lacan to provide the Unconscious with a new status, and this status is grounded on what happens on the level of the morning by grieg, subject and its body. This can be summarised by what he denominates as the pulsating movement of the unconscious. He describes the unconscious as a border process with a typical movement of opening and closing. During this double movement, time and again something fails to The Effects of Climate Birds Essay be realised. Morning? That is the reason why Lacan considers both the The Effects Change Essay, subject and the unconscious to be pre-ontological. Indeed, something misses continuously its materialisation, all the by grieg, accent should be placed upon ended, this double movement of opening and by grieg closing and this goes for the subject and for the unconscious as well. This has a very important consequence: the aim of the treatment can not be considered any more in wayne points, terms of symbolic realisation, because that is precisely impossible from a structural point of view.

If one tries to do this, one ends inevitably with Freuds version of the interminable analysis. By Grieg? As said above, in the ident, his later theory, Lacan will try to provide us with a different aim for the treatment. So, with this new theory on causality, it is the Real that operates in a causal way and the determinism of the morning by grieg, Symbolic is not absolute anymore. The question is: what Real are we talking about? Or, to be more specific: which lack are we talking about, because the Real always implies a lack in the Symbolic. In Lacans preceding theory, the accent was on of the, desire and morning the lack of the Other to which the subject tried to produce an ended, answer. Initially, Lacan followed Freud and the hysterical subject, meaning that he also interpreted this lack in terms of castration and by grieg phallus. His new theory starts when he introduces the Real of the wayne, body as the basic causality. We have to be even more specific: it is by grieg not so much the body he is referring to, no, he is day the talking about the organism and morning the organs. Indeed, in his lesson of the points per game, 27th of May 1964, Lacan surprises his audience by introducing them to another lack, another loss.

This lack precedes the well-known lack in the chain of signifiers, the one that determines the desire of the subject in the dialectical exchange between mother and child. The least that can be said about by grieg this new lack is that it is indeed a very fundamental one, because it concerns the loss of the eternal life. Paradoxically enough, this lack is The Effects of Climate on Migratory Birds installed at the very moment of the conception, that is, at the moment of the birth of a sexually differentiated life form. In order to explain this unexplainable fact, Lacan provides his audience with a myth, that is, he tells them a story about something that flies away at morning by grieg the moment of birth, a kind of lamella. This thing lost forever is object (a) in its purest form as life instinct. For Lacan, the breach of the peace definition, loss of eternal life goes back to a biological fact, and in this way, he will reconsider Freuds biological rock.

In opposition to Freud, he will interpret this biological fact not so much as a stumbling rock, but as something that permits the subject to escape from the all embracing determinism (of the Symbolic). Lacans explanation of the lamella myth runs as follows. Organisms that reproduce themselves in a non-sexual way bacterias, viruses, prions, and today clones as well can in principle live forever, because their reproduction comes down to a replication. In these cases, death is purely accidental and not inevitable as such. This is not the morning, case with sexually differentiated organisms, because these life forms have to die. The cell division that characterises these sexual life forms the meiosis causes not only the loss of half of the genetic material, it excludes these life forms from the eternal life as well. Indeed, the chip that governs the process is programmed to destroy itself after a certain time.

In contemporary biology, this is coined as the apoptosis. Wayne Points Per Game? It is interesting to note the analogies with Freuds commentary on by grieg, the Weissmans theory in Beyond the pleasure principle. The non-sexual life form contains the possibility of eternal life. Sexual reproduction, on the other hand, implies automatically the death of the individual. The story does not end there, on the contrary. Breach Peace? In one way or another, each organism tries to morning escape from this loss, and yearns to gallery return to the situation from before the sexual differentiation. Morning By Grieg? Freud had already recognised this tendency to return to a previous state of being as a basic characteristic of the drive. By the way, in this respect, we are still talking about the drive, meaning before any social determination of gender and before any division in partial drives. We will return to this with Freuds idea of day the ended, life and death drive, albeit that we will have to morning by grieg reinterpret his denominations.

It is important to acknowledge the fact that the reaction to this primordial loss that is, the defensive elaboration and the attempt to return to the previous state that this reaction takes place on the symbolico-imaginary scene, meaning the scene where the gender identity will be acquired. Because of the specifics of the oedipal structure, this gender identity comes down to a phallic one. This means that the of Shiva, attempt to return that is, the answer to the primordial lack, the lack in the Real will be produced on morning by grieg, the level of the second lack, the lack in the Symbolic. Hence the fact that this fundamental lack on points per game, the level of the morning, organism is reinterpreted as a phallic lack in the relation between subject and Other this is first of gallery, all the by grieg, case in hysteria and in wayne gretzky points per game, neurosis in general, which explains Freuds obstinate clinging to this phallic interpretation. During this reinterpretation, object (a) becomes associated to the borders of the body, the orifices through which the secondary losses take place: mouth, anus, eye, ear and genitals. This phallic interpretation of the object (a) also implies the fact that the morning, lack and original loss are introduced into the relation between child and first Other, the mother, and from there onwards, in the relationship between man and woman. The Freudian Oedipal complex can very well be summarised like that. Gretzky Points Per Game? From that moment onwards, the drive is morning turned into the ident gallery, partial drives and presents always a fusion between life and death drive. Following Lacan, this fusion between life and death amounts to morning by grieg a circular but non-reciprocal interaction. The loss at the level of the the ident, Real transforms individual life into morning by grieg, one elongated attempt to The Effects of Climate Change Essay return to the preceding eternal life. From a structural point of view, this leaves us with two elements, of whom one operates as a force of attraction, whilst the other wants to return and to move forward at the same time.

This is the Philia and morning by grieg Neikos to peace definition which Freud refers (GW XVI, 92). Their interaction is each time staged on a different level, which installs and endorses the fact that there is no relationship between them the by grieg, two borders can never meet. As early as 1948, Lacan had already written that in mankind, there is breach definition a dehiscence, a cleft in the very core of the organism, a primordial discordance (Ecrits, 96). The final result of this primordial cleft is the fact there is no sexual relationship. The last scene of the interaction concerns the morning, advent of the subject, the world, opening and closing movement takes place through the processes of morning by grieg, separation and alienation. Nevertheless, I am convinced that the scope of this interaction goes way further. I will present you with an overview of this range.

Firstly, we have the already mentioned advent of the gallery, living at morning the moment of birth. The advent of sexually differentiated lifeforms implies the gallery, loss of the eternal life. This loss is summarised by by grieg Lacan in his concept of the object (a), meaning the laterization, pure loss of the lifeinstinct. This eternal life, the Zoe of the classical Greek, functions as a force of attraction for the individual life, the Bios, that tries to return. By Grieg? The price to pay for this return is the loss of this individual life as such, and this explains the other tendency, the one that flees from it in the opposite direction. The so-called solution implies and endorses a structurally defined impossibility of the relationship. Indeed, the bios tries to join the zoe through sexual reproduction, thus entailing a necessary failure and even repeating and wayne points endorsing the original loss.

This is the first version of the already mentioned circular but non-reciprocal interaction. Morning By Grieg? From this moment onwards, life and death drive are fused. From the above, it is clear that the idea of life and day the ended death has to be applied in a balanced way. The death of the individual implies eternal life, the loss of eternal life implies a limited individual life life and death have a different meaning, depending on the point of view that is taken. This is probably the reason why for Freud both drives were indeed always fused. Secondly, we have the advent of the I, that is, the primary alienation of the mirror stage.

The living being acquires a first mastery, a first identity because of the unified image of his body through the by grieg, master signifier, the I. To be sure, this image comes to him from outside, it is imposed upon him by the Other. This I will never cease to try to join its body, that is, the Nataraja, being of its body, but then again, the price to by grieg pay for this joining is the disappearance of this I hence the tendency to flee in the other direction as well. Finally, this solution will provide the I only of the with the body of the morning, Other, thus endorsing the loss of its being. Thirdly, we have the advent of the subject. The subject wants to join the (m)Other, but if it would succeed, the result would imply a total alienation, meaning the disappearance of the subject.

Hence the other tendency for separation. Again, this solution implies a structurally impossible relationship, because the attempt of the subject to gallery join the Other, must necessarily pass through the morning, signifier, thus repeating and endorsing the original division of this subject. Thus considered, the of Shiva, subject enters the scene as the last implementation of this structure and contains all the previous ones as well. Each one of these three levels implies a structural misfit between the two poles and an obligatory choice the famous vel of the alienation process, the either or, for which Lacan presents us with the classic choice of the robber: your life or your money!. It is a forced choice because if one chooses the other alternative (the money) ,the consequence is that one disappears, i.e. you lose your life. One of the morning, poles is the active attracting pole, the other is the passively resisting one. These ideas of passivity and activity should not be interpreted in wayne per game, terms of hyperactivity versus immobility. Indeed, sometimes a lot of morning by grieg, activity is necessary if one wants to Essay reach a passive position, and morning the active pole may very well wait passively for the other party to join him Freud himself said already that the death drive operates in total silence. The opposition between activity and passivity amounts to a structural inequality between a forever lost totality on the one hand and its product on the other hand, in which the lost totality tries to day the ended recapture, to regain its product, thereby reducing it to a passive object of its jouissance. This serial of advents demonstrates that the original cleft between the psyche and the Real of the organism will be repeated in by grieg, the cleft between the subject and its symbolico-imaginary body, meaning his gender identity body.

If one continues this serial, one would indeed expect a fourth advent, in which the subject and the object (a) would be integrated in a particular gender identity. This is what the Oedipus complex does, in its own particular way, that is: by per game interpreting the original loss in terms of castration. The result is that the oedipal structure inaugurates a gender differentiation which is not a genuine one, because it is solely based on by grieg, the presence of gretzky, absence of the phallus. This phallic interpretation will retroactively be applied to all preceding advents, meaning that each loss becomes interpreted in a phallic way. It is during this process that the body is constructed, the body that we have (not the body that we are), clothed in a gender identity. The thing that is morning by grieg important for us, is Change that this gender identity is a secondary construction, based on preceding different binary. Morning? The original cleft between life and death, between psyche and organism, is reproduced and Nataraja of Shiva worked over in by grieg, the cleft between man and woman. Thus considered, the cleft between body and of Shiva Other, between being and sense, is reproduced in by grieg, the cleft between woman and man. Moreover, this repetition produces the same effect: whatever the efforts of the subject to join his body by way of the Other of language, he will never succeed, because the cleft is precisely due to this Other of language. Whatever the efforts of the masculine subject to join woman by way of the phallic relationship, he will never succeed, because the cleft is precisely due to the phallic signifier. Nataraja? The impossible relationship between the subject and the drive reappears in the impossible relationship between a man and a woman.

Beyond this homologous structure that never stops to be never written in order to attain an ever-impossible return, we meet with the beyond of the Freudian pleasure principle. This beyond is at the same time a beyond of the gender principle, meaning it confronts us with the jouissance. Indeed, simultaneous with the development of his new theory on causality and determinism, Lacan elaborates his concept of jouissance. Of course, the morning, idea as such is older, but it will receive a whole new meaning. To be more specific: from seminar XI onwards, Lacan will assign the jouissance to the body, that is, to the body as an organism. I cant elaborate his evolution in this respect, but I will present you with one essential point. In my reading, the dichotomy between the phallic jouissance and day the the jouissance of the morning by grieg, body does not cover the binary between male and female. One could have had this impression from a certain reading of the Encore seminar, in particular the breach peace definition, chapter on the other jouissance). It does not cover this binary, but another one that is precisely situated beyond the gender identity. By way of conclusion, Id like to give you an morning by grieg, idea of of the peace definition, this binary.

Already in his paper on Subversion du sujet et dialectique du desir, Lacan stated that the phallic jouissance operates as a defensive device on this other jouissance, I quote: Le plaisir marque la fin de la jouissance (Pleasure marks the end of morning, jouissance). Later on, he wiil say that this phallic jouissance operates as an obstacle: Phallic jouissance is the obstacle owing to which man does not come to enjoy womans body, precisely because what he enjoys is the jouissance of the organ (Lacan, On Feminine Sexuality, p.7) (la jouissance phallique est lobstacle par quoi lhomme narrive pas a jouir du corps de la femme, precisement parce que ce dont il jouit, cest de la jouissance de lorgane, Sem. XX, 13). This aspect of of Climate Change Birds Essay, lacanian theory suggested to a number of postlacanians that one should try to bypass this phallic obstacle in order to reach this dreamt-of other jouissance. Well, in sofar that this is possible, one will not meet with a relationship that would be more sexual than the previous one, on the contrary. In this region beyond the by grieg, phallic, we do not meet with the searched-for and dreamt-of sexual relationship between the man and the woman. We meet with a jouissance of the body beyond the phallus (Lacan, On Feminine Sexuality, p.74; une jouissance du corps au-dela du phallus, sem.XX, 69). In my interpretation, this means that the relationship between man and woman beyond the phallus is the very same one as the relationship between the subject and the Real of its body.

This allows me to rephrase the laterization brain, already quoted lacanian statement as follows: : Phallic jouissance is the obstacle owing to which the subject does not come to enjoy his own body as real, precisely because what he enjoys is the jouissance of the phallus. Well, whenever this other jouissance of the body will pop up, the subject will always react in the same way, that is, with anxiety. Indeed, this jouissance of the body is situated beyond the by grieg, Symbolic, meaning that it implies necessarily the brain, disappearance, the death of the subject. This interpretation gives a whole new meaning to the concept of death drive. Here, we meet again with the primordial relationship between a deadly passivity and a desperate activity. This brings me to by grieg the clinical applications.

What are the clinical manifestations of this jouissance coming from the the ident, beyond? We know at morning least two of them: the Freudian clinic of the traumatic neurosis and Nataraja of Shiva the lacanian clinic of the psychosis. In case of psychosis, the subject is confronted directly to an Other without the protection of the Symbolic. Morning By Grieg? Here, we meet with the Other who enjoys the subject in a terrifying way, hence the classic idea of the psychotic to be persecuted. In case of traumatic neurosis, the subject is always in one way or another confronted with a Real that mortifies him, that leaves him without any answer . In this case, the wayne per game, necessary signifiers are lacking for the subject, and clinical practice demonstrates that in such circumstances, it is the morning by grieg, body that takes the relief (just think of the dissociation and the ubiquitous psychosomatic symptoms. Hence, in these two paradigmatic cases, this jouissance of the organism can be understood in another way than the dreamt-of feminine other jouissance of the on Migratory Birds, Encore-seminar. It does not bring us any closer to morning by grieg the hoped-for relationship between the man and of the peace the woman between the phallus and the body no, it has everything to do with the opposition between activity and passivity, which first of all finds its expression in the relationship between the subject and the drive, that is, the Real of the body. In this jouissance, the subject is reduced to morning the passive position, surrendered to an activity that surpasses him and that lies beyond his understanding. This implies a fundamental trauma that precedes and surpasses every individual trauma.

In my opinion, if we want to elaborate a new theory on gender, it will be this opposition that should serve as a starting-point.

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fairytale homework Once Upon a Time at. Here you will find many ideas, printables, games, crafts, and centers for a unit or theme on fairytales! Fairy Tales was one of the by grieg, first units I ever created! Many of the pictures on laterization, this page are from morning, my time student teaching back in 1997 - 1998! Enjoy! Updated - March 2014. Once upon world ended, a time, In a land far away,

A girl kissed a frog - That just made his day! Red Riding Hood took fright - She found a wolf. When she told her goodnight! Fairy Tales! Fairy Tales! Read them every day! Oh what fun it is to hear. How Goldilocks got away! Fairy Tales!

Fairy Tales! Full of by grieg joy and laughter! Do you know how this one ends? Why, its HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Above is breach peace definition a character mobile that I had my 2nd grade students make (1998) . Morning. In the middle they draw the character of their choice and then fill in the four bubbles about the character. When they are done they cut and string each part and place on of Shiva, a string to hang. These look so great hanging around the by grieg, room! Here is a beginning, middle, and end activity we did in 2nd grade with the book Hansel and Gretel. Under the Gingerbread house in a flap book with. Begin, Middle, End, and Alternative Ending.

The students filled in the book. Then they colored the gallery, Gingerbread House ans stapled it to the book. When they were done, I hung the finished products on morning by grieg, a board that said. Fairy Tales Can Be Yummy! Here is a fun hands-on bulletin board that I made. The middle shows a book. On the outside of the book are various characters, settings, story titles, and plots. Inside the book are large bubbles for the students to place the story title, plot, characters, and setting. The plot, setting, characters, and title and held on the board with velcro so that they can be manipulated by the students. 1. Let each child choose a fairy tale character to use to make a headband.

Reproduce the chose character once for each child. Have children color. Of Shiva. Mount on oaktag, and cut out. 2. Give each child a 2 x 24 strip of construction paper. Help each child. staple the headband to the center of the strip as shown. 3. Staple each strip to fit around each child's head. 4. Children may wear their Fairy-Tale Headbands while they listen to and act.

out some of the best known fairy tales. 1. Ask children to morning by grieg, help make a list of several fairy tales that the class has. 2. Help determine the characters needed to dramatize the fairy tale. 3. Laterization Of The. Reproduce appropriate headbands for their characters needed to morning, dramatize. 4. Let children perform the fairy tale for parents. Three Bears - We do a lot with measurement with these stories. To compare weights, the kids work with a partner to complete a chart of light, medium, and of the, heavy items around the classroom. Light - can pick up with one hand, medium - can pick up with 2 hands, heavy - can't pick up (I'm always in morning, that column!). A small medium and large bear icon help mark each column. We write notes to the 3 bears from Goldilocks to apologize for the mess she made.

Have done a group guided writing and wayne gretzky points per game, individually on computer with kids.Chrystal Shook. There were three little pigs who were forced to roam, So each decided to build a home. They bought some neat stuff from a nice man, And then he said to morning by grieg, them, Build what you can! The 3 little pigs said We shall use it all! Then the first little pig took the gretzky, basket of straw. The second little pig took the bundle of sticks, The third little pig took a wheelbarrow of morning by grieg bricks.

They each built a house. and of the, you know the rest, Only one house is left cuz it was the best. ( LAC ) Provide materials for the children to make a 3 Little Pigs scene. straw. (raffia), sticks (popcicle sticks) and red paper (bricks) as well as misc. other colors of morning paper, and whatever else the children can brainstorm to be. suitable building materials, potato halves with the shape of a pig cut. into it for printing with pink paint, also have glue, scissors, and just lots of. stuff. Let the kids go with it.

pinkcircle around and around toward the middle. Day The World. When finished and held up, a. spiral piggy tail will stretch out into by grieg the sprial shape. Let them tape the. tail to their bottoms.

Also provide pink paper for piggy snouts made from. cutcircles with nostrils drawn on then tape it to their noses. Now assist the. children in gathering the props to act out the story. story this way, too. (Oriental Trading Catalog has great rubber farm, zoo, dinosaur animals to order.

Their farm collection would be great for brain, this. activity. Morning By Grieg. I've said it before. Day The World Ended. this company has great stuff for VERY. reasonable prices.) The house could be made from small sized boxes or milk. cartons, decorated with simple designs to illustrate the pigs individual. homes. Morning By Grieg. (Have plain cartons available for The Effects of Climate Change on Migratory, the children to design new homes. in the morning, art area.) Look at one particular section of the Nataraja of Shiva, story from each book (like the by grieg, part.

where the pigs get their supplies for Essay, their home building) and morning, compare all. the different versions/illustrations. The Ident. How are they alike and how are they different? Talk about the artist (illustrators) each having a different idea of how the by grieg, pigs must look and. that each of them is different but still correct. talk about names that would help describe that particular pig.

A Tail to Tell using The Three Little Pigs as a structural model to definition, establish knowledge of the form of fairy tales : seven great activities to do with The Three Little Pigs. Bits and Pieces writing a tale based on a collection of objects which trigger brainstorming. Construction Ahead ! students use the story as jumping off point for morning, a math/art activity. For the 3 Little Pigs, gather and gretzky, clean 3 milk cartons for by grieg, each child. Use canned frosting to add straw (shredded wheat), sticks (pretzels) and bricks ( cherry nibs - licorice). Put on large styrofoan trays and add other details if desired. Make popcicle stick puppets so the children can retell the story at home before they inevitably munch on the houses. Page 3 and 4#151;Emergent reader. Student can color and bring home to The Effects Change on Migratory, share with a parent.

Page 5 to 8#151;Three Little Pigs game. Just print and morning by grieg, use in small group. Page 9#151;Color, trace, and peace, stamp activity sheet. Number three. Page 10#151;Color by morning, code. Cut-out dice provided. The Ident. Print dice on morning by grieg, cardstock and tape together to have forever. Page 11 and gallery, 12#151;Easy Three Little Pigs Craft page and idea. Page 13#151;Color cut and by grieg, sequence pictures from the story activity sheet.

Page 14 to 16#151;Story manipulatives. Laminate and add a magnet to the back to The Effects of Climate on Migratory Birds Essay, use on large white board to retell the story. Page 17 and morning by grieg, 18#151;Tally and Graph activity. Printable dice provided. The Ident. Makes a wonderful math center. Page 19#151; Color, Trace, Cut, Count and Glue#151;Activity sheets for the numbers 2 through seven. Page 21#151;Little Piggy knows his letter sounds board game. Supply markers and a dice. Morning. Students roll dice and say letter sound on the brick. First person to get to of the, the brick house first is the winner.

Page 22#151;Practice a skill puzzle#151;Laminate cards and then use a dry erase to by grieg, add a skill on the bottom of the puzzle. Cut apart puzzle and students put it back together. Nataraja Of Shiva. Great for morning, counting by 5#146;s and 10#146;s or counting up. Also good for Nataraja Essay, ABC order. Page 23#151;A beginning sound cut, color, and morning, glue sheet.

Page 24#151;Three Little Pigs Glyph Activity Sheet. Great way to introduce preschool and kindergarten age kids to data interpretation! For Preschool aged children, may I suggest: The Three Bears By Byron Barton - I love the simple text and pictures#133; When reading this story teach the children to say#133; When Goldilocks tries the Oatmeal #150; #148;too hot (while waving a hand), and too cold (while hugging body), and just right (holding thumbs up)#148; When Goldilocks rocks on the chairs #150; #147;too fast (rock back and fourth quickly), too slow (rock slowly), and just right (rock and give the gallery, thumbs up)#148; When Goldilocks tried the beds #150; #147;to) hard (make a fist), to soft (rub hands together gently), Just right (stretch your arms and pretend to sleep)#148; Make Three Bears Porridge for Goldilocks#133;

Allow students to trace words and morning by grieg, then give each bear some oatmeal. For the world, oatmeal paint, I used brown paint mixed with oatmeal. The kids scooped it into the bowls. Add bear cookie cutters to your Play Dough Center. I even made my favorite chocolate Play #150;

Play the small, medium, big game#133; Supply markers (we used Teddy Grahams) . Students take turns rolling the dice. They cover up one of the four items of the size they rolled. By Grieg. First person to The Effects of Climate Change, cover up four items of the same size, wins. This game can be found here. Practice the number three. This little activity has the student use a bingo dauber to cover a three. It also has the students cut out the bowls and glue the bowl to the correct bear. Morning By Grieg. This activity can be found here. Check out of the this Fairy Tale Packet. Includes activities to use with Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

*when planting beans, how about experimenting with light/no light, *Collage with variety of beans. *Sort different varieties of beans. *Activities with gold coins - counting, sharing. *Trace around teacher or each other and collage 'giant' using material. *Measure height of children with tape and seriate. It is a world of fun with a fairy tale is a interactive learning center that I have developed for by grieg, the fairy tale unit I created. I designed the center so that I could use it as an exciting place for the student toexplore, learn, and have fun at the same time! The activities I choose are across the curriculum and cover a variety of the skills already taught or being taught to the second grade class. Gretzky Points. Moreover, each activity deals with a fairy tale in morning, some way. My goal for The Effects on Migratory Essay, the center was to have it be an activity center in which the student could do independently with out the teachers help.

Thus, the activities are self explanatory and are a review of previous learned skills. Inside the brightly decorated learning center one will find thirteen entertaining activities centered around fairy tales. These activities are as follows; Name that fairy tale - A book with illustrations from various fairy tales. The student must name each fairy tale. Practice Telling Time with Cinderella - Is an by grieg activity the Essay, motivates the student to morning by grieg, help Cinderella place the correct time onto each clock.

Help Mr. Wolf find out how many pigs are in each house - This covers subtraction facts through 18 and motivates the student to of Climate Change, do the facts. Help Pinocchio - This is a game of memory and by grieg, also helps the student strength their alphabetical ordering. Can you find the secret to the witch#146;s brew? - This is a grammar game in which the student must match the day the world ended, correct prefix with the morning, root word. Once Upon A Time Board Game - This activity is an review of points what has been taught thus far in second grade. It covers all subjects and is very motivational. Emperor#146;s New Clothes Pinocchio Read-Along - These two tapes are listening activities. The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg CD-ROM - The students are encouraged or read along on the computer with the book. also, they may play with the illustrations in the book. Fairy Tale Pop-up Village - This definitely does the morning by grieg, job of attracting the of Climate Birds, students to the center. Gingerbread Man Lace Cards - Reinforces fine motor skills.

Read a Fairy Tale - There are tons of fairy tales to choose to read in morning, the center. Also, there are a variety of pop-up fairy tale books. The It is a world of fun with fairy tales learning center is meant to not only review skills, but to also get the student excited about reading. My hope is laterization brain that it motivates the morning by grieg, student to open a fairy tale and discover the world of imagination through a book. It is important to try to produce a love of reading in your classroom and I feel this learning center does that and more! C. Gallagher.

Make wands with dowels, wooden stars (paint, glitter, dowels) and then write about our wishes, take turns tapping one another and give a task to perform (letter sounds, rhymes, counting, etc.). Create a fairy godmother with art materials (paper, fabric scraps, dolies, lace sequins, ect) and write about of Shiva how she could help you. Brainstorm 8-10 ideas about what happens in a fairy tale. Make a large chart listing ideas down left side. Morning By Grieg. In columns to the right, write the name of the stories to compare/contrast at the top of the column (ex: DIsney Cinderella, Cinderella Penguin, Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters, The Rough-Faced Girl) After reading, go down the list and points, write yes or no about the morning, ideas that were brainstormed. It fun to see the gretzky, patterns in the stories emerge as you read the books. Add crowns, gowns, wands, fancy shoes to dramatic play to act our versions of the stories. Dramatic Play: Have Cinderella clothes (ugly and beautiful), royal. clothes(capes, crowns), Lots of morning shoes. Cleaning supplies.

Have a place to. have a ball, play music. bottom, use . paint rollars to cover bottoms with paint, press. on paper.) Sew on dress shapes(cut from plastic canvas) according to size. (at my preschool we do this kind of game in group but it. also could be done during free-play)

Above, I had the day the world, students write their own Fairy Tales. You can view their stories here! Cinderella - Read the book to your class - Watch the video - Listen to the Soundtrack. Cinderella Stories (Gr. By Grieg. 3-6) Lesson plans on different Cinderella stories (Tattercoats, Cap o'Rushes, The Twelve Months, etc.). Colleen, We do Cinderella Around The World every year and here are some of the pages I've created to use with that unit. Hope these are helpful to someone!

Amanda. A Special Thanks To Amanda for wayne per game, Sharing Her Word Files Below! Printables On Other Sites. Things on Teaching Heart To Check Out. Great Sites With More Ideas. Graphics Copyright 2002-2003. All rights reserved. All Content contained of the pages within this website is copyright Teaching Heart 1999-2014 by Colleen Gallagher, all rights reserved. We give you the by grieg, permission to download, print, modify, and generally use the written material contained herein, we do ask that you respect our rights and not publish any material on definition, this site without prior written consent.

Please do not copy and paste content from morning, this site onto the ident gallery, your site. Thanks!